If You Can Be Arsed….

3 04 2008

….I’ve moved back to where my heart’s always been.

To Blogger.

So if you can be arsed (you know just like Karen S. always says) to change your links, here’s where I’ll be blogging from now on.


See you over there! Sorry WordPress, it’s not you…it’s totally me. =P



90 Day Jane…Still Alive and Staying That Way.

14 02 2008

The other day I posted about something that I saw on my google reader blog hop. I posted about seeing a blog with a woman who was planning to kill herself in 90 days. She called herself, 90 Day Jane.

Well turns out she was full of crap…not that I wanted her to kill herself or anything, because I totally didn’t…I just didn’t think that kind of blog was in any way humurous or anything. I mean, she said that she wasn’t looking for attention and she wasn’t depressed, this blog wasn’t a cry for help…it was actually an art project or whatever.

Here’s what she had to say on her blog before she scrapped the entire blog:

90DayJane is a personal art piece about me. It was meant for me and
(what I ignorantly thought would be) a small number of people who
might find it on BlogSpot. It is the result of me tapping into the
darkest part of myself and seeing where it led.
What I have written and filmed, at its core, is from a place of truth.
I am the girl in the videos. I have great disappointment with my
generation and its obvious obsession with celebrity culture rather
than their fellow man, thus the former Chuck Palahniuk reference.
I wanted this blog to be about personal discovery and truth. But the
correspondences I have received have taught me more about those
qualities than I could ever express. 90DayJane has become its own
entity and has influenced me. In fact, it has changed my perspective
as a human being.
I feel a massive sense of responsibility to my art, but more
importantly the readers of this blog. My closeness to this project
must have made art seem like reality to many people. That is not a
reaction that I expected nor can I morally justify. This is why my
project, 90DayJane, will be taken down in the next few hours.
90DayJane was meant to mirror the tragic figure, Christine Chubbuck.
Newscaster Christine Chubbuck committed suicide in 1974 by shooting
herself in the head live on air. She was very vocal about her
depression to those around her and gave every indication of her exact
intentions leading up to the event. Sadly, no one reacted or helped
Christine and those left behind could only ask “why”.
Her story both inspired and terrified me because I can truly empathize
with her rage and even her isolation. I wondered how Christine’s life
and subsequent suicide would play out in our time. Would the internet
be yet another place of isolation to her or an escape? If she remained
vocal about her intentions would anyone bother asking “why” or even
noticing before the fact? Would the reaction (if any) of the public
change her intentions?
I thought this mirror might reflect the isolation everyday people feel
and the lack of true human connection on the internet.
It is my feeling that the internet is the best and worst example of
human interaction. This was painfully proven to me by reading every
comment and every email. I believe I owed that to everyone. I know we
all saw the dark side of the reactions in the blog comments. There was
so much hate, immaturity and apathy. But, I truly wish everyone could
see the beauty and honesty in the emails; many people feel like Jane
(me). People have been more real and heartfelt than I thought was
possible. I owe them a debt of gratitude for showing me the difference
between people’s reactions and their true feelings. I understand.
I do want everyone to know that I accepted no money for 90DayJane
despite multiple offers from television, film, books, etc… I will
not release my identity and I ask not to be contacted for any type of
promotion. I want only for the people who wrote to me to know that I
hear them and feel the same way. Your emails touched me so much.
Please, share your thoughts with someone in your life or express them
in a positive way.

To everyone, please reach out to those around you. It’s much harder to
ask for help than to offer it.

In the video above I created a PostSecret revealing this project for
what it is. I am in no way affiliated with them, but their site does
great work for suicide outreach. At any rate, PostSecret gives me both
strength and perspective whenever I read it. I hope it does the same
for you.

thx- 90DayJane


The stuff people will blog about these days.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2008

I saw this on YouTube and was pretty touched, saddened and just everything about it.



Are You Effing Kidding Me Right Now?

11 02 2008


I came across this as I was catching up on my blogs right now on Google Reader (my best friend) ….is this girl frickin’ kidding me?

Check it out for yourself: 90 Day Jane.

This is a journal about a girl named “Jane” who will be killing herself in 90 days.  She’s documenting the last days of her life and swears that this blog is not her way of crying for help or trying to get attention.  She’s not depressed or anything, killing herself in 90 days is just something that she’s decided to do.


Check This Girl Out…

7 02 2008

…one of my greatest joys is finding aspiring singers on You Tube and devouring every video that they put up of them singing some of my favorite singers…I thought I’d share with you guys who still read this blog after my not so frequent posts, what I’ve been doing while online at home.

Checking this girl out: Her name is Erika David and she’s from somewhere in the United States (yes, I can’t be bothered to check for you guys, sorry!)

But here’s some of my favorite songs that she’s sung for your viewing pleasure.

This is the video where she sings Bed by J. Holliday.

Here’s where she sings my jizam, Let’s Wait Awhile by Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty. LOL.

Some Keyshia Cole, I Remember…my jam!

And my frickin’ favorite song right now, Fallin’ Out by Keyshia Cole.

Isn’t she great? I swear, this youngun’ can sing…she’s got a smooth voice that I just admire a whole lot. If you want to check her out, here’s the link to her youtube page: Erika David.


One Tree Hill…

6 02 2008


I had to sit on a few things this morning before I typed my thoughts out on last nights episode. This season isn’t as explosive as last season was but there is plenty to talk about and I’m still utterly in love with every little thing about this show.

Go figure.

Anyway, with lots to say about the episode, let’s get moving shall we?

So last night’s episode had a lot of Leyton stuff in it so I was all about it.  I’m so glad that we finally got to see some passion from both Lucas and Peyton about their relationship and it was so hot damn good to see Peyton show her true feelings for Lindsay come to light, I don’t even care that Lindsay heard everything, I laughed when I saw that Lindsay heard it all…GOOD!  And then for Lucas to come and tell Peyton that she owed Lindsay an apology? For what? They’re not friends, they’re not co workers, they don’t have to like each other and Peyton is a grown ass woman, she can say and do what she pleases, she doesn’t owe Lindsay a hot damn thing.  And Lucas was stupid retarded to believe that she did.

For some reason, I don’t care for Haley.  I mean, I don’t want her gone from the show or anything like that but I don’t care for her either.  She gets on my nerves, I didn’t like the way she told Carrie that she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to wear bikini’s around Jamie, why did she have to hide behind the real reason? Why couldn’t she just be like, “Alright, I don’t appreciate you showing your goods to my husband? It makes me uncomfortable that you’re so close to my family, back the hell up?”  What was so hard about that? It’s not like Carrie is HER boss or anything…and then her whole thing with always defending Lindsay to Peyton gets on my hot damn nerves!

And don’t even get me started on that stupid hussy of a nanny, Carrie.  I knew that Nathan wouldn’t really be cheating on Haley, not after just last week, his turn around in attitude because he wanted his family together, but dude..the way that he was checking her out last night when she was swimming naked in their pool, made me want to smack the ever living daylights out of the tramp! And what the heck does Nathan and Haley do for money that they can afford to live in that big ol’ house and Nathan doesn’t even look like he’s got a steady job…and where the hell is Deb?  Did Mommy Drugs buy that house for them or what? Seriously! But man, Nathan is a hottie, I’m loving the new haircut and I’m loving that he’s still true to Haley and by all that’s holy, he better stay that way too.

I swear, Skills continues to be so effing cute with Jamie.  The two of them together are just too adorable and to see how Skills got all  flustered with all of the Dan questions, it was just too cute!  Gosh, I’m dying to know what the heck happened between him and Bevin, seriously…WHAT HAPPENED?

The whole Mouth thing just disappoints me.  I mean, in high school Mouth was such a different person than he is now..to see him succumbing to his boss and being the way he is on the show, it’s just not the Mouth that I know and well, he’s not the Mouth that Brooke envisioned herself married to in the future.  I can’t wait to see what Brooke sets up for Milicent and Mouth next week, it should be interesting…and way better than the funky relationship he’s in now.  I wish Gigi would come back, but she’s probably still in college huh? She was younger than Mouth, right? She was cute, they were cute together. I miss her for him.

And Bitchtoria (what a fitting name) needs to get slapped in her face…two times!  Peyton hit it right on the money when she said Victoria is afraid that if Brooke learned the business side of things, she’d have no use for Victoria and her washed up self….how tight are you that you have to make something of your daughter’s company instead of running YOUR OWN company?  *rolls eyes* That woman is a serious female dog!  I can’t wait to see the episode where Brooke tells her where to shove it, that’s gonna be the bomb! But man, I hope she does it soon because I hate seeing Brooke all unsure of herself, hello? Brooke is not insecure, she’s strong dammit!

I wonder how many episodes we have left of the show, I can’t remember but man I sure am going to miss it when we run out of episodes, DAMAGE!

Writers, please come back!

Until next week…


4 02 2008

I am now the proud owner of a:


I CANNOT EFFING BELIEVE IT and I’m SO EFFING EXCITED!!! I have it in my pretty little hands and I now know exactly how Golum must have felt in Lord of the Rings because I scared myself with just how fast I ran downstairs to the mailroom to pick this bad boy up.

It’s seriously a reader’s wet dream, I LOVE IT!

Its charging right now but I’m already getting all of my ebooks ready to upload to my reader because HOT DAMN I OWN AN EBOOK READER NOW, WOO FLIPPIN’ HOO!

BE excited with me dammit! haha.