Cook Your Own Bloody Eggs!

24 10 2005

So, last night a group of friends and I were discussing the world of dating. When you start dating, how much of yourself do you lose in order to keep the man you’re with? Most women will say that they are the same person they were before they started dating …

In Runaway Bride, Julia Robert’s character likes her eggs however the man in her life at the moment likes them. If she was with Robert and he loved Eggs Benedict, then that was how she loved her eggs too. By the middle of the movie, you’re wondering how in the hell does Julia like her damn eggs? I’m sure you guys all know people like this. Ready and eager to please, that’s the name of the game, right? Hide as much of yourself as you can, to keep the man you’re with?

My sister is exactly like this. And it bugs me to no end, because she’s got no personality of her own. He personality is an extension of her boyfriend’s. It’s always been like that for her though, for as long as I can remember, she liked her eggs however her man liked them. For once, I just want her to friggin’ lose her cool, find her own damn personality and scream at the top of her lungs, “COOK YOUR OWN BLOODY EGGS!”

But what can a sister do for her sister with this kind of mentality? She won’t listen to me. She hasn’t before and I doubt she ever will…maybe she likes being like that, but dude sometimes I’d like to order a entre’ of self respect with a side of dignity for her…




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