Hi My Name Is Wena…

30 11 2005

..and I’m addicted to FOX’s hit show, Prison Break.

It started out when I saw the big ass billboard in Lawndale, I couldn’t help but think WOW that man is hot, and then I saw Dominic Purcell and thought of my friend, who is a Purcell. I thought Wentworth Miller was actually Dominic Purcell and told myself I would check it out when it came out.

And check it out I did. I was hooked immediately from the first episode. Oh my gosh, have you seen those intense eyes? The serious facade Michael Scofield wanders around the prison halls with? Gosh, if that’s not enough to hook you, then its got to be the action packed, hottie filled shows. I’m seriously addicted to this show. It has kicked One Tree Hill out of it’s top spot of my favorite shows, as addicted as I was with Laguna Beach (yes, I know, gross huh?) this season, it’s been all about Prison Break for me. I post on a board and I can always count on my friend Sylvia to have my weekly Prison Break thread going, and last night was the Fall Finale, which means that we won’t be getting fresh new Prison Break episodes until flippin’ March. I’m devastated (okay not really, but gosh PB was such a highlight of my week) I can’t wait to see what happens in March, which is why I’m starting a Prison Break Countdown…

I’ve got 100 days til March, gosh what a long wait I have, but at least I’m not lonely since I know my best friend and friend Izzy are in much the same boat as me. But wow, what a great episode it was last night. Michael just impressing the socks off of me with all of his genius powers! I mean, he’s got everything covered and they were sooo close to escaping and WHAM! The janitor flippin’ fixed the vent thingy, gosh…is ANYTHING going to work out for Michael? Gosh, the poor guy. I want T Bag gone something fierce. Gosh that little man gets on my hot damn nerves.

I’ve got 100 days to guess on what’s going to happen when we next get our weekly PB doses, gosh here’s hoping that it’ll rush by. In the meantime I have my pictures of Wentworth to keep me company…LOL.

..and I’m out.


My Past and My Present.

29 11 2005

10 Years Ago: Ten years ago today, I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I was an average student who had the biggest crush on the Captain of the football team. We were really good friends and I thought I was going to marry him, since everyone at school thought we were dating anyway. We never got together and I haven’t seen him for a few years now, but we’re still friends, even if he slept with my worst enemy and she called me afterward to tell me all about it. Jerk.

Five Years Ago: Five years ago I was 20 years old and living in San Diego. I worked at Wal Mart and loved my life. I was seeing a really great guy or so I thought. Turns out, I found out that he was seeing his ex girlfriend and they were planning on moving to Austin, and all the time I was with him, I was none the wiser. Another jerk. Oh well, five years ago I went through a lot of things that made me analyze my life, as much as I loved my life, it was all a lie and my priorities weren’t in order and I realized how many changes needed to be done.

One Year Ago: I started a new job here in Los Angeles and started to get into the swing of life back in L.A. I was making plans for where I want to be in a few years and I was finally on my way of getting there. My daughter was in school and I was just starting to realize that I AM doing good by her, she’s happy and she’s healthy. Yeah I was pretty happy with myself.

Yesterday: Went to work, posted on Sanctuary, went home made sure the daughter had her homework done and then helped my sister with dinner, set the table and then watched the Fall Finale of Prison Break while I filled my sister in on what she missed the past couple of episodes on PB. Went to bed pissed that Michael didn’t get out of prison and I have to wait til March of next year to see what happens, dammit…

Five Songs I Know All The Words To:

1. What I Need to Do by Kenny Chesney
2. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy.
3. Cool Rider from Grease 2 (and all the cool songs from that movie).
4. Through With You by Maroon 5.
5. I’m Doing Good by Destiny’s Child. (it’s tricky but I know it! hehe)

Five Snacks:

1. Ho Ho’s.
2. Hot Cheetos.
3. Twix.
4. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.
5. Chocolate Milk.

Five Things I’d Do With $100 Million:

1. Buy a block of houses so my family can all live on the same block.
2. Set up a trust fund for my daughter.
3. Take that trip to Tuscany with my friends.
4. Take my best friend to an All Blacks Rugby Match IN New Zealand.
5. Tour Europe.

Five Places I’d Run Away To:

1. The best friend’s house.
2. New Zealand.
3. Australia.
4. England.
5. Greece or Scotland.

Five Things I’d Never Wear:

1. Stilletos.
2. Santa Suit.
3. A potato sack.
4. A pair of jeans that are size 0.
5. Shoes that look like a cofee table.

Five Favorite TV Shows:

1. Prison Break.
2. Gray’s Anatomy.
3. One Tree Hill.
4. Related.
5. Supernatural.

Five Greatest Joys:

1. My daughter.
2. My family.
3. The clean air after it rains.
4. Reading and writing.
5. Music and Movies.

Five Favorite Toys:

1. My stereo.
2. My Computer.
3. My DVD’s.
4. My CD’s.
5. My Books.

Coworkers…Shoot Me Now!

22 11 2005

I’m an Administrative Assistant for a big corporation with offices all over the world, I work with a bunch of great people and I really have nothing to complain about, my hours and flexible, I have great benefits for both me and my daughter and I really love coming into work, but it’s funny how you have one bad day and nothing seems to go right.

So, I’m sitting in my office minding my own business, “multi tasking” when one of the leads comes in and asks me what happened with the uploads, they were input wrong. I look over at her and ask her to explain what was wrong with the way I uploaded the documents into our Corporate Contracts system when she points out that I uploaded a Mod 1 for this task order, but a mod was never issued for the contract. If I was cool enough and able to do this, I would have raised my eyebrow at her, but since I don’t know how to do that, I just raised BOTH of my eyebrows at her and told her, she told me to input it the way I did, she shakes her head like I’m lying and says “I distinctly remember…”

Gag me.

So being the nifty Admin that I am, I forward her the email where she told me what to do with the uploads, one of the tasks being, “Upload Mod 1 to such and such Task Order!” I guess she’s pissed at me because I need her input on some closeout work I’m doing right now and she’s nowhere to be found.

Grrrr, it’s just one of those days today, I usually love my job, but not today…I want to strangle someone, if she doesn’t answer me back dammit.

I need a distraction…

Okay I’m better now, one look at my Becks calendar on the wall is more than enough to make me feel better…*sigh* Gosh I love that man.

My Weekend.

21 11 2005

Lately, all I’ve wanted to do was just relax and chill at home, why? Because with the Christmas season fast approaching us, I know that once Thanksgiving is over I’ll never be home, with all the hot damn kids that I have to be shopping for. *sigh* I wanted to chill out at home and get things done so that I could be ready by the time my best friend got off work and we could run over to my brothers house, have dinner and hang while watching the SC game. But, this weekend, couldn’t be helped. It was my nephew’s Championship football game in Downey and I had to go because I had only been to two of his regular season games and I had mommy duty as well.

The nephew’s team won the championship game and will be going to Nationals next weekend, which will be held somewhere in Arizona. He’s really stoked about it all, because he’s worked his ass off this entire season and for them to be going this far, is something else. Man was it fuming hot out on Saturday, gosh I sat in the sun baking my ass off but I’m glad I went, we had the family bonding going on and it was just good times with us, took me back to high school when I was on the sidelines doing my cheers for all to see! Yeah, good times.

..and whoa there’s a new hottie at our Starbucks, he’s got an Irish accent or so I thought when he first opened his mouth, but *sigh* He’s from Gardena and doesn’t have an accent at all, but it’s all good because he is a hottie for sure. The best friend and I went to Starbucks last night and did our weekly catch up, good times as always, found out the best friend used to smoke, EWWWWW…but she thinks that me drinking is EWWWWW too, so I guess we’re even. LOL. Now we just need to get her to TJ because life isn’t complete without a weekend filled with clubbing it up in TJ, EVERYONE has to club it up at that one club with the bus on the side of the building…LOL.

Who Says Country Isn’t Cool?

16 11 2005

…because whoever said that should be shot. Country music kicks ass! For three hours I sat my happy ass on the couch and watched one country performance after the other and I loved every minute of it.

Kenny Chesney is a big name in our family, he’s just the bomb DOT com and we all love him. So it was fantastic to see the reigning Entertainer of the Year start of the Awards Show last night with a bang. I really enjoyed his new song, Livin’ in Fast Forward. The show was just outfreakingstanding with of course the usual amount of what the hell moments? Like the whole Willy Nelson/Nora Jones and the other guy who sang a little snippet of a couple of songs…what the heck was all that about? I mean, poor Nora looked lost and embarrassed…as did Willy Nelson, but hey the show went on and it was a huge success.

No cheesy little skits to waste time, just a whole lot of music and performances. It was just really great country music, altogether. Some of my favorites were Sara Evans (who sounded hoarse, but still sounded way better than a lot of those pop tarts!), Martina McBride who sang beautifully to Help Me Make It Through The Night, which I thought was the absolute bizomb!

Keith Urban was a big winner that night and I am super stoked to see him on December 6th so bring on the Keith!! Entertainer of the Year, even though I was pushing for Kenny to win that, because to me he just IS the Entertainer of the Year, but if Kenny wasn’t going to win it, I’m glad Keith did, because he quite frankly rocks my socks!

I’ve been on a country high since then and it shows so sign of stopping, and I’m glad that I have liked country, when country wasn’t cool. hehe.

Weendizzle, out.

You Know You’re Addicted to Prison Break When…

15 11 2005

…so I’m feeling the effects of not having Michael Scofield to grace my television screen every Monday night, I’m missing him horribly and know without a doubt that I have seriously got it bad for him and his show. So bad that I’ve concocted a list of things that show just how bad I’ve got it.

Here it goes: You know You’re Addicted to Prison Break when…

1) Everytime you go into your garage, you look at the floor and wonder how long it would take you to dig to St. Louis without the “Warden” finding out.

2.) You refer to your bathroom as “St. Louis” and your bedroom as “San Francisco.” and everything in between is Route 66.

3.) When you’re talking to your best friend on the phone, you tell her you’re doing PI and she says, “Cleaning out the flowerbeds again?”

4.) You study other people’s tattoos and wonder if there are hidden messages in them.

5.) You call the new guy at work, ‘fish’.

6.) You threaten to slit someone’s throat ala Tea Bag, should they interrupt you during Prison Break.

7.) You know to the minute, when Prison Break comes back. (33 Days, 5 hours and 31 minutes til the new episode, 26 Days, 5 hours and now 30 minutes for the reshowing of the Fall Finale. WHAT?)

8.) You have bought a book on origami and have tried making a swan.

9.) Wonder what it’s like to have Diabetes then wonder if your nurse would be as nice as Sarah.

10.) You actually learn how to use your camera phone just in case the Secret Service tries to kill your parents.

11.) You changed the steak you thought you always wanted for your last meal to, blueberry pancakes.

12.) You ask your friends to send you paper roses for Valentine’s Day…and then pout when they don’t send them to you.

13.) You look at water stains on the wall differently then before, looking to see if Jesus is really there.

14.) When faced with a dillemma, you wonder how Scofield would handle this.

15.) You’ve had the first season of Prison Break netflixed since the second week of the show.

The list could go on and on, but you get the picture, don’t you? LOL.

33 More days and Wentworth will be back to where he belongs, on my tv screen, trying to break his brother out before they serve him, his blueberry pancakes. My heart is racing, my mind is abuzz and I just don’t know what to do with myself to pass the time.

Don’t forget, my tv buddies (Grace and Izzy), March 13th is the repeat showing of the Fall Finale with the new episodes following the next week, starting March 20th at 8pm.

Here’s some pictures to keep us warm until then…

Remember this conversation? When Sarah tells Michael that she’s his nurse and that’s all…*sigh* Poor Michael.

And then remember Linc? OMGosh, we need to get him out dammit!

And now some pictures of Wentworth to fill the empty void that’s taken over my heart, since he’s been gone…LOL.

Beautiful, just beautiful…gosh I can’t wait til March 13th.

Until then, enjoy.

When Should I Start Worrying?

11 11 2005

My best friend and I are close, we’re pretty much inseperable. We’re both single and not really looking for a man or anything, but we’re both totally boy crazy. If you know us, you’ll know how bad our boy craziness is. A few weeks ago, we were sitting in Starbucks sipping our Venti Mocha Fraps (whipped cream on top and bottom) and doing what we do best, people watch and gushing about the latest news or whatever, when Jess stops talking and sits back into her seat.

We can be a tad bit too loud when we’re out in public, so we’re used to the stares that people direct our way, normally it wouldn’t bother us, but Jess asks me, “Hey, do you ever wonder why people stare at us?” Me not really caring one way or the other, shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t really care if they look,” Jess sets her drink down and replies, “Well, do you think people think we’re gay? I mean, we don’t have boyfriends, we’re both always together, aren’t you scared people are going to start saying we’re lesbo’s?”

The thought stopped me in my tracks.

But then again, there’s no way anyone who knows us would think that because, if anyone was more Man Crazy then me and Jessica, we don’t know them. So we came to the conclusion that no, we’re good. No one would ever think that of us, it’s not like we hold hands or hug each other or anything, we’re good.

Or so I thought.

My frickin’ niece was feeling down and out about not having a boyfriend (she’s 12, get real, huh?) and she’s a very visual type of person. She likes to draw pictures of the way she feels. Her latest picture in her journal looks like this.


Chloe and Ryan.

(insert stick figure picture of a boy and girl holding hands.)

Mom and Dad.

(insert stick figure picture of a man and woman holding hands.)

Brenna (my daughter mind you who is only 6 years old, we had words about this one) and Devin.

(insert stick figure picture of a boy and girl holding hands.)

Dylan and Jess.

(insert picture of two girls holding hands.)

My daughter showed this to me and was laughing the entire time she was showing me, I was shocked to see that something Jess and I had discussed earlier in the week was now staring me back in the front.


*shakes head*

I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it but when should I start worrying? When I’m 55 and still single because everyone thinks me and my best friend are hooking up on the sly? Oh shit, I really don’t care what others think about me but gosh…it does bother me a little bit…only because I don’t know which role I am…the butch or the bitch…

My brother says I’m the bitch.