2 11 2005

In our family, we’re a divided bunch when it comes to college football. We’re all Californians, but boy are we split down the center when it comes to our loyalties. Half of our family are die hard SC fans, while the rest of them are loyal UCLA fans…it’s disgusting how much fun we get out of razzin’ each other about how much the other team sucks ass!

It’s so bad that our rivalry has caught on with the kids in our family. I come from a family of 9 kids. There are 4 boys and 5 girls. We are all extremely close and of the 9 kids, we have 16 grandchildren…pretty big ass family, huh? What do you expect from a Samoan/Mormon family? hehe…but gosh, I love my big, loud and obnoxious family, nothing but good times that’s for sure.

This Halloween, me and my sisters thought it would be funny to have our girls (I have one daughter and my sisters have 6 girls between them two) dress up as cheerleaders, I mean we have enough to start our damn squad, so why not right? Well my sneaky ass sister Delene, went out and bought her two girls some UCLA cheerleading uniforms and that started off a pattern, not to be outdone, my sister Blanche and I went out and got our girls some USC cheerleading outfits and boy were they the cutest, we got matching shoes, hair ties and face paint to go with the entire ensemble. So we had 3 USC cheerleaders against my sisters 2 UCLA cheerleaders, USC was in the front right?

Not really. Especially when my brothers daughters showed up at our house with THEIR UCLA cheerleading outfits on…oh it’s on and cracking now, because we’ve got Reggie Bush suited up and ready to go trick or treating (my nephew Chance suited up as Reggie), so it’s USC 4 to their UCLA 4.

Game is tied up.

Now, let’s go trick or treating…man, were we the coolest because EVERYONE had something good to say about our SC costumes, woo hoo!! Well, until the rumblin’ started…

My niece Meghan (fellow UCLA fan) got tired of hearing all the praise we were getting for our SC costumes, so she starts chanting, “UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” So the other girls start chanting it as well, while they’re walking down the street, it was too funny. So this grown man walks up and says, “YEAH USC!!” and my niece Meghan (mind you, she’s only 8) she yells to the man, “SC SUCKS!” and my other niece Chaylene (USC fan) jumps at Meghan and their rolling on the floor, screaming and yelling at each other while the other kids are egging them on.

*shakes head*

….and to think, none of us even went to USC.




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