When Should I Start Worrying?

11 11 2005

My best friend and I are close, we’re pretty much inseperable. We’re both single and not really looking for a man or anything, but we’re both totally boy crazy. If you know us, you’ll know how bad our boy craziness is. A few weeks ago, we were sitting in Starbucks sipping our Venti Mocha Fraps (whipped cream on top and bottom) and doing what we do best, people watch and gushing about the latest news or whatever, when Jess stops talking and sits back into her seat.

We can be a tad bit too loud when we’re out in public, so we’re used to the stares that people direct our way, normally it wouldn’t bother us, but Jess asks me, “Hey, do you ever wonder why people stare at us?” Me not really caring one way or the other, shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t really care if they look,” Jess sets her drink down and replies, “Well, do you think people think we’re gay? I mean, we don’t have boyfriends, we’re both always together, aren’t you scared people are going to start saying we’re lesbo’s?”

The thought stopped me in my tracks.

But then again, there’s no way anyone who knows us would think that because, if anyone was more Man Crazy then me and Jessica, we don’t know them. So we came to the conclusion that no, we’re good. No one would ever think that of us, it’s not like we hold hands or hug each other or anything, we’re good.

Or so I thought.

My frickin’ niece was feeling down and out about not having a boyfriend (she’s 12, get real, huh?) and she’s a very visual type of person. She likes to draw pictures of the way she feels. Her latest picture in her journal looks like this.


Chloe and Ryan.

(insert stick figure picture of a boy and girl holding hands.)

Mom and Dad.

(insert stick figure picture of a man and woman holding hands.)

Brenna (my daughter mind you who is only 6 years old, we had words about this one) and Devin.

(insert stick figure picture of a boy and girl holding hands.)

Dylan and Jess.

(insert picture of two girls holding hands.)

My daughter showed this to me and was laughing the entire time she was showing me, I was shocked to see that something Jess and I had discussed earlier in the week was now staring me back in the front.


*shakes head*

I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it but when should I start worrying? When I’m 55 and still single because everyone thinks me and my best friend are hooking up on the sly? Oh shit, I really don’t care what others think about me but gosh…it does bother me a little bit…only because I don’t know which role I am…the butch or the bitch…

My brother says I’m the bitch.





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