You Know You’re Addicted to Prison Break When…

15 11 2005

…so I’m feeling the effects of not having Michael Scofield to grace my television screen every Monday night, I’m missing him horribly and know without a doubt that I have seriously got it bad for him and his show. So bad that I’ve concocted a list of things that show just how bad I’ve got it.

Here it goes: You know You’re Addicted to Prison Break when…

1) Everytime you go into your garage, you look at the floor and wonder how long it would take you to dig to St. Louis without the “Warden” finding out.

2.) You refer to your bathroom as “St. Louis” and your bedroom as “San Francisco.” and everything in between is Route 66.

3.) When you’re talking to your best friend on the phone, you tell her you’re doing PI and she says, “Cleaning out the flowerbeds again?”

4.) You study other people’s tattoos and wonder if there are hidden messages in them.

5.) You call the new guy at work, ‘fish’.

6.) You threaten to slit someone’s throat ala Tea Bag, should they interrupt you during Prison Break.

7.) You know to the minute, when Prison Break comes back. (33 Days, 5 hours and 31 minutes til the new episode, 26 Days, 5 hours and now 30 minutes for the reshowing of the Fall Finale. WHAT?)

8.) You have bought a book on origami and have tried making a swan.

9.) Wonder what it’s like to have Diabetes then wonder if your nurse would be as nice as Sarah.

10.) You actually learn how to use your camera phone just in case the Secret Service tries to kill your parents.

11.) You changed the steak you thought you always wanted for your last meal to, blueberry pancakes.

12.) You ask your friends to send you paper roses for Valentine’s Day…and then pout when they don’t send them to you.

13.) You look at water stains on the wall differently then before, looking to see if Jesus is really there.

14.) When faced with a dillemma, you wonder how Scofield would handle this.

15.) You’ve had the first season of Prison Break netflixed since the second week of the show.

The list could go on and on, but you get the picture, don’t you? LOL.

33 More days and Wentworth will be back to where he belongs, on my tv screen, trying to break his brother out before they serve him, his blueberry pancakes. My heart is racing, my mind is abuzz and I just don’t know what to do with myself to pass the time.

Don’t forget, my tv buddies (Grace and Izzy), March 13th is the repeat showing of the Fall Finale with the new episodes following the next week, starting March 20th at 8pm.

Here’s some pictures to keep us warm until then…

Remember this conversation? When Sarah tells Michael that she’s his nurse and that’s all…*sigh* Poor Michael.

And then remember Linc? OMGosh, we need to get him out dammit!

And now some pictures of Wentworth to fill the empty void that’s taken over my heart, since he’s been gone…LOL.

Beautiful, just beautiful…gosh I can’t wait til March 13th.

Until then, enjoy.




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