Who Says Country Isn’t Cool?

16 11 2005

…because whoever said that should be shot. Country music kicks ass! For three hours I sat my happy ass on the couch and watched one country performance after the other and I loved every minute of it.

Kenny Chesney is a big name in our family, he’s just the bomb DOT com and we all love him. So it was fantastic to see the reigning Entertainer of the Year start of the Awards Show last night with a bang. I really enjoyed his new song, Livin’ in Fast Forward. The show was just outfreakingstanding with of course the usual amount of what the hell moments? Like the whole Willy Nelson/Nora Jones and the other guy who sang a little snippet of a couple of songs…what the heck was all that about? I mean, poor Nora looked lost and embarrassed…as did Willy Nelson, but hey the show went on and it was a huge success.

No cheesy little skits to waste time, just a whole lot of music and performances. It was just really great country music, altogether. Some of my favorites were Sara Evans (who sounded hoarse, but still sounded way better than a lot of those pop tarts!), Martina McBride who sang beautifully to Help Me Make It Through The Night, which I thought was the absolute bizomb!

Keith Urban was a big winner that night and I am super stoked to see him on December 6th so bring on the Keith!! Entertainer of the Year, even though I was pushing for Kenny to win that, because to me he just IS the Entertainer of the Year, but if Kenny wasn’t going to win it, I’m glad Keith did, because he quite frankly rocks my socks!

I’ve been on a country high since then and it shows so sign of stopping, and I’m glad that I have liked country, when country wasn’t cool. hehe.

Weendizzle, out.




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