My Weekend.

21 11 2005

Lately, all I’ve wanted to do was just relax and chill at home, why? Because with the Christmas season fast approaching us, I know that once Thanksgiving is over I’ll never be home, with all the hot damn kids that I have to be shopping for. *sigh* I wanted to chill out at home and get things done so that I could be ready by the time my best friend got off work and we could run over to my brothers house, have dinner and hang while watching the SC game. But, this weekend, couldn’t be helped. It was my nephew’s Championship football game in Downey and I had to go because I had only been to two of his regular season games and I had mommy duty as well.

The nephew’s team won the championship game and will be going to Nationals next weekend, which will be held somewhere in Arizona. He’s really stoked about it all, because he’s worked his ass off this entire season and for them to be going this far, is something else. Man was it fuming hot out on Saturday, gosh I sat in the sun baking my ass off but I’m glad I went, we had the family bonding going on and it was just good times with us, took me back to high school when I was on the sidelines doing my cheers for all to see! Yeah, good times.

..and whoa there’s a new hottie at our Starbucks, he’s got an Irish accent or so I thought when he first opened his mouth, but *sigh* He’s from Gardena and doesn’t have an accent at all, but it’s all good because he is a hottie for sure. The best friend and I went to Starbucks last night and did our weekly catch up, good times as always, found out the best friend used to smoke, EWWWWW…but she thinks that me drinking is EWWWWW too, so I guess we’re even. LOL. Now we just need to get her to TJ because life isn’t complete without a weekend filled with clubbing it up in TJ, EVERYONE has to club it up at that one club with the bus on the side of the building…LOL.




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