My Past and My Present.

29 11 2005

10 Years Ago: Ten years ago today, I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I was an average student who had the biggest crush on the Captain of the football team. We were really good friends and I thought I was going to marry him, since everyone at school thought we were dating anyway. We never got together and I haven’t seen him for a few years now, but we’re still friends, even if he slept with my worst enemy and she called me afterward to tell me all about it. Jerk.

Five Years Ago: Five years ago I was 20 years old and living in San Diego. I worked at Wal Mart and loved my life. I was seeing a really great guy or so I thought. Turns out, I found out that he was seeing his ex girlfriend and they were planning on moving to Austin, and all the time I was with him, I was none the wiser. Another jerk. Oh well, five years ago I went through a lot of things that made me analyze my life, as much as I loved my life, it was all a lie and my priorities weren’t in order and I realized how many changes needed to be done.

One Year Ago: I started a new job here in Los Angeles and started to get into the swing of life back in L.A. I was making plans for where I want to be in a few years and I was finally on my way of getting there. My daughter was in school and I was just starting to realize that I AM doing good by her, she’s happy and she’s healthy. Yeah I was pretty happy with myself.

Yesterday: Went to work, posted on Sanctuary, went home made sure the daughter had her homework done and then helped my sister with dinner, set the table and then watched the Fall Finale of Prison Break while I filled my sister in on what she missed the past couple of episodes on PB. Went to bed pissed that Michael didn’t get out of prison and I have to wait til March of next year to see what happens, dammit…

Five Songs I Know All The Words To:

1. What I Need to Do by Kenny Chesney
2. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy.
3. Cool Rider from Grease 2 (and all the cool songs from that movie).
4. Through With You by Maroon 5.
5. I’m Doing Good by Destiny’s Child. (it’s tricky but I know it! hehe)

Five Snacks:

1. Ho Ho’s.
2. Hot Cheetos.
3. Twix.
4. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.
5. Chocolate Milk.

Five Things I’d Do With $100 Million:

1. Buy a block of houses so my family can all live on the same block.
2. Set up a trust fund for my daughter.
3. Take that trip to Tuscany with my friends.
4. Take my best friend to an All Blacks Rugby Match IN New Zealand.
5. Tour Europe.

Five Places I’d Run Away To:

1. The best friend’s house.
2. New Zealand.
3. Australia.
4. England.
5. Greece or Scotland.

Five Things I’d Never Wear:

1. Stilletos.
2. Santa Suit.
3. A potato sack.
4. A pair of jeans that are size 0.
5. Shoes that look like a cofee table.

Five Favorite TV Shows:

1. Prison Break.
2. Gray’s Anatomy.
3. One Tree Hill.
4. Related.
5. Supernatural.

Five Greatest Joys:

1. My daughter.
2. My family.
3. The clean air after it rains.
4. Reading and writing.
5. Music and Movies.

Five Favorite Toys:

1. My stereo.
2. My Computer.
3. My DVD’s.
4. My CD’s.
5. My Books.




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