Hi My Name Is Wena…

30 11 2005

..and I’m addicted to FOX’s hit show, Prison Break.

It started out when I saw the big ass billboard in Lawndale, I couldn’t help but think WOW that man is hot, and then I saw Dominic Purcell and thought of my friend, who is a Purcell. I thought Wentworth Miller was actually Dominic Purcell and told myself I would check it out when it came out.

And check it out I did. I was hooked immediately from the first episode. Oh my gosh, have you seen those intense eyes? The serious facade Michael Scofield wanders around the prison halls with? Gosh, if that’s not enough to hook you, then its got to be the action packed, hottie filled shows. I’m seriously addicted to this show. It has kicked One Tree Hill out of it’s top spot of my favorite shows, as addicted as I was with Laguna Beach (yes, I know, gross huh?) this season, it’s been all about Prison Break for me. I post on a board and I can always count on my friend Sylvia to have my weekly Prison Break thread going, and last night was the Fall Finale, which means that we won’t be getting fresh new Prison Break episodes until flippin’ March. I’m devastated (okay not really, but gosh PB was such a highlight of my week) I can’t wait to see what happens in March, which is why I’m starting a Prison Break Countdown…

I’ve got 100 days til March, gosh what a long wait I have, but at least I’m not lonely since I know my best friend and friend Izzy are in much the same boat as me. But wow, what a great episode it was last night. Michael just impressing the socks off of me with all of his genius powers! I mean, he’s got everything covered and they were sooo close to escaping and WHAM! The janitor flippin’ fixed the vent thingy, gosh…is ANYTHING going to work out for Michael? Gosh, the poor guy. I want T Bag gone something fierce. Gosh that little man gets on my hot damn nerves.

I’ve got 100 days to guess on what’s going to happen when we next get our weekly PB doses, gosh here’s hoping that it’ll rush by. In the meantime I have my pictures of Wentworth to keep me company…LOL.

..and I’m out.




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