My Best Friend and Musicals.

1 12 2005

I love musicals, not all of them, but I have a lot of favorite movies that are musicals, Grease and Grease 2 being one of them…well, I’m dying to go see Rent which just came out and I can’t find one person to go with me, my sister in law said she would go with me, since my best friend won’t.

She has flaked out three times on me. I know I should just go by myself, but I can’t enjoy a movie by myself, those kinds of things are better enjoyed with others. But I can’t get my best friend to go with me to see Rent. She refuses! Some best friend she is, LOL. I was so determined to get her to check the movie out with me that Sunday night I went over to her house with my two Grease movies…we were going to watch them, and she was going to love them and she was goign to be all for going to see Rent with me.

After Grease she said, “The songs are cool, but damn I thought the movie was never going to end” Oh.My.Gosh. She didn’t care for Grease 1? What the heck is wrong with her, considering we have just the same opinions and likes and dislikes on just about everything else, she didnt like one of my all time favorite musicals, so I pop in Grease 2 and she was more excited to watch this one, half way through the movie she sighs, she’s laughing when they’re in the bowling alley singing, they’re gonna score tonight, she was outright laughing her ass off when they were singing Reproduction, so I thought I struck gold. But after they sang, We’ll Be Together, she sighs and says, “Gosh if they sang one more song I was going to toss you out the damn window”…*sigh*

Needless to say, she didn’t really care for Grease 2 either, so we’re still not going to see Rent and I’m still waiting to go.





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