Entertainer of the Year…

7 12 2005

…is most definitely Keith Urban.

That man knows just how to fiddle with his guitar to drive the crowd wild. I went to his concert last night with two of my friends and man was I blown away at how great Keith is live. His show was non stop entertainment and he was crowd friendly, even going as far as bringing a fan out of the audience and singing, You Look Good In My Shirt and reading a sign that said, “5000 miles and still no Kiss” then jumping off the stage to gift the lucky girl with a kiss, with thousands of fans looking on in infinite envy. Me being one of them.

Most concerts that I have been to, the main event doesn’t come on until about 9pm, so when the lights went out and the crowd went wild and it was only 8:30pm, I thought, yeah right..Keith is not going to come out so soon, is he? And sure enough, in the absolute dark they start playing the first chords of Days Go By and then Flash and in comes Keith, going to town on his guitar and then starts belting out the song, I was amazed that he stayed on the stage for over two hours, singing to us, song after song.

It was the absolute best concert I’ve been to this year and Ive been to some pretty great concerts this year, I even met Maroon 5. But, Keith blew everyone out with his awesome show last night at the Gibson Amphitheater…it was so awesome! When we first got there, Deanna Carter was just coming on and while she didn’t wow me, she wasn’t the worst person to ever grace a stage. And it was during her set when we first ran into our first bit of nonsense…my friends and I were talking about our favorite subjects: Books, and some old biddies in front of us turned around and told us to shut up because they were trying to listen to some music. I snapped back at her, but forgot about her and thought, oh hell no..she waits until Keith comes out, but she was forgotten when Keith came out, and I kicked her seat every chance I got so I was good with that, especially since I know she was miffed that I kept ‘kicking’ her chair! LOL.

This concert was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be. Keith Urban sure knows how to etertain and when he gave props to Kenny Chesney (my favorite singer), I went absolutely nuts, because it made me love Keith even more. He’s really gifted with a guitar, a set of drums, the piano, the man knows how to do it all, it makes me uber jealous of Nicole Kidman because I certainly wouldn’t mind coming home to Keith every night.

Until next year, Keith…rock on!




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