Can You BE Any More Annoying?

13 12 2005

When you grow up with a certain group of people, do they ever stop seeing you as the child you were or for the woman you grew up to be?

I have been going to the same church since I was a little girl. I do it more so because my parents are still there and everything is familiar, not to mention I don’t have the heart to take my daughter out of this ward where she has friends and loves it. But gosh, what irritates me the most about going to church and really, if I’m being honest if I didn’t have my daughter, I probably wouldn’t be attending church anyway, but I do because I want to raise my daughter up the way I was raised. Just not as sheltered.

Anyway, back to what irritates me about church.

I’m not a very spiritual person, but I can be at times. I’m 25 years old, if I want to sit and chit chat in the halls with my friends about old times or about life in general, I have that right because I’m a damn adult. QUIT SCOLDING ME TO GO TO FREAKING CLASS, if I wanted to go to class I’d be in there right now, so since I’m not. I don’t want to go. There’s this pesky little man with big ears who shall remain nameless who every Sunday bugs me to go to class and every Sunday I just ignore him and continue on with my business. Well this past Sunday I was talking to the Elders from the ward that meets after mine with Jess and he comes over and tells us to go to class and like always Jess and I just ignored him adn continued on with our conversation with the Elders because it was their last Sunday with us since they’re getting transferred and they had Christmas cards for us, well the stupid big ear pest came back and said if I didn’t go to class he was going to tell my dad. I laughed. I thought that was the most stupidest thing he could have ever said, because what the heck is my Dad going to do? Spank me at church? I’m a grown ass woman, don’t tell me what to do.

So once again, I roll my eyes and continue on with the conversation, but about ten minutes later, the stupid jerk comes back….with my DAD! I was slack jawed because I couldn’t believe how stupid it was. My dad sees me and Jess talking to the Elders and he laughs. He asks me why I’m not in class and I told him all attitudy that I can’t believe I got ratted out by the damn big eared man and my dad called me over for a quick word.

LOL, when I walked over to my dad the stupid man looked pleased with himself and I swear I wanted to slap that stupid smirk right off his ugly ass face. But then I got the last laugh because my dad hands me a twenty and says to me, “If you’re not going to go to class can you and Jess run to Taco Bell and get me something to eat, I’m hungry.”

I swear my Dad rocks!




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