Eye Candy Friday: David Beckham.

23 12 2005

I’ve decided that every Friday, I’m going to have an Eye Candy Friday. I could write about my resolutions, but I’m not going to…I changed my mind, I want something light and cute to look at so that I can forget the fact that I still have two people to shop for today, so before I brave the aisles of the store with all the other last minute shoppers like myself, I’m going to look at something pretty before I do so.

And today’s something pretty is going to be my favorite pretty boy, David Robert Joseph Beckham. The man that should I ever get married, my husband will have to be okay with the fact that if I was ever given the option, I would totally cheat on him, with David. Please believe this…there are three men that I would totally cheat on my spouse with, David Beckham is one of them. You’ll have to wait til next friday to find out the second one…*snicker*

There’s just something about this man that I can’t help but love. When you hear him talk, he’s got a high pitch voice, but even that doesn’t seem to bother me because seriously, if I could come home to this every night, you wouldn’t see me complaining. I mean, how can you complain when this is the last thing you see before you go to sleep:

I mean, gosh I would kill to wake up to THAT every morning, no literally I would. I’m not kidding. LOL. To be able to wake up this this:

Look at this, even the back of his head is sexy, dammit I hope Posh realizes her good fortune…


I do feel better now, so much better in fact that I think I’m ready to battle those aisles!


-Dee Money




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