Eye Candy Friday: Wentworth Miller.

30 12 2005

One of my addictions is TV Shows. More often than not on a week night, you can find me lusting after one of my favorite tv show leading characters. As a matter of fact, my friends Grace and Syl lust after this week’s eye candy just as much as I do, in fact we’re all so far gone that it’s a wonder we’re all still friends, because if I ever saw Syl or Grace posing next to all of this hunk of burning love, I’d bust a Tonya Harding on their asses…that’s how bad my lust for this man is.

Today’s Eye Candy Friday man is none other than the best looking man at Foxworth Prison on FOX’s Prison Break.

He’s the smoothly sensual stud that totally rocks my socks. He’s the second guy that I wouldn’t think twice about cheating on a significant other with, and after you see him, you’ll understand why. The guy is smokin’ hot. There isn’t anyone on Prison Break that can make me melt with his swoonworthy half grins, his serious facade and his quiet demeanor. He’s quite frankly the hottest man on tv right now and boy do I miss him on Monday nights, I cannot flippin’ wait until March when my favorite show this season comes back on the air.

So without further adeu, here’s the eye candy man of this week, 12/30. Wentworth Miller.

Happy Friday to me!




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