31 01 2006

This week, progress reports came home and I was anxious to see how Brenna was doing in school, because I wanted to see if she gives her teacher as hard a time at school that she gives me at home, each night when it’s time to do/check her homework. The girl hates to do homework and every night, it’s a struggle to get her going. Even more so, when it comes to reading, I can’t get the girl to read more than two sentences before she’s whining that she’s done for the day with school.

Now, her cousins, all of her cousins, have rollerblades, Megan and McKenna got their rollerblades for Christmas, her other cousins Cheridan and Chaylene got theirs because their spoiled by their grandma and she caved and bought them some last weekend. Now Brenna is dying for some and I told her that if she gets good grades that I’ll buy her some for her birthday. But she’s got to prove to me that she deserves new rollerblades. So we made a deal, she would get good grades and for her birthday, I would buy her a pair of rollerblades and she’ll have a party at the rollerskating rink so she can get her roll bounce on too. She’s got to read for fifteen minutes a day and this week, all she’s done is whine, whine, whine about it, it’s been slowly driving me insane.

It’s really strange, because I’m addicted to books, I’m addicted to everything that has to do with books, with collecting them, reading them, buying them, frankly I’m nuts for books. I’m an avid reader and I’ve read to my daughter when she was younger, storytime before bed was always our thing, up until a few years ago. We just stopped reading before bed time, because she would always read with her cousins, I figured she was done with story time with me, not a big deal to me, since it gave me more time to savor my books.

Last year when she was in Kindergarten, I didn’t have problems with her wanting to read or do her homework, in fact, she loved both activities. But this year, it’s like she’s suffering from Senioritis (go figure, senioritis in first grade, eh?) or something because the girl gripes about doing her homework everyday.

It’s enough to drive a saint to drink.

Even with all of whining and griping, she gets her homework done every night, there isn’t a night that we don’t sit at the kitchen table for what seems like hours while she cries about how she can’t find the answers and she doesn’t know the answers until she gets the answers and finishes her homework. Some nights I want to strangle her because she doesn’t apply herself to her studies. But her homework gets done, I make sure of it.

And so yesterday when she brought her progress report, I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting what she got.

Now for progress reports, it wasn’t a grade or anything, it was just little notes of where she’s at in the curriculum right now, if she’s completing her homework and turning it in on time and if she’s got citizenship problems or whatever.

At her teacher’s conference last month, her teacher had nothing but nice things to say about her, she’s a delight to have in class, she’s a role model to the other students, she tries hard and even though she may not be the first person to get everything, she always tries. I was a happy camper.

When I got her progress report, I could have sworn I was reading about some other student who wasn’t my daughter. In a nutshell this is what it said:

Brenna needs to improve in her reading as she’s reading four levels below everyone else her age, she needs to reach this reading goal before March 12, 2006. She’s been distracted at school, not completing her class assignments and her math skills needs improvement as well. Please contact me if you have any questions.

I’m really stumped on the math skills thing, because Brenna loves math. That’s the only part of homework that I don’t have to hound her to complete. She’s always helping her cousins with their math homework and I have even busted her once for DOING her cousin McKenna’s math homework, so where on earth could this be coming from?

My mom says I’m not paying enough attention to her and maybe she’s right. I can’t think of anything else that could make Brenna behave the way she is right now. She’s 6 years old and more times than most, I’ll wake up in the morning and she’ll be sleeping beside me. I have told her time and time again that she’s too old to be sleeping with me and she’ll start off the night in her own bed, but end up in mine before morning time. Something IS bothering her, but every time I ask her about it, she either acts out or she hugs me close.

It really breaks my heart because I don’t know what is bothering her and I don’t know how to fix it. I hope that all of this is just a phase and that it’ll pass, but I can’t help but think that she’s starting to realize that our little family isn’t the same as everyone elses. While everyone has both their moms and dad’s, she’s only got me. *sigh*

I’m going to call Brenna’s teacher to see what’s going on later on, so I’ll keep you (all three of you, hehe) updated on what happens on that count. About the other things….

Wish me luck.

Ryan’s Roses.

30 01 2006

I live in Los Angeles and I wake up every morning, with both the TV and the radio on. I’ll have the TV (KTLA, of course) on mute and listen to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS in the morning while I get ready for work.

Ryan’s Roses, is probably my favorite thing to listen to because of the drama factor. Now, Ryan’s Roses is something Ryan does every week, basically, you email Ryan if you think your significant other is cheating on you, you state in your email to Ryan why you think he’s cheating on you and Ryan picks one story a week and helps one woman or man see for sure if their significant other is cheating on them, by staging a “You won a free bouquet of long stemmed roses to send to whoever you want, free of charge” bit and if the guy sends the roses to the significant other who is on the line listening, all is well, they go on their merry way, with no doubts about anything, on the other hand, if their significant other sends the roses to another woman/man, it’s more than obvious that they’ve been caught and it usually stirs all kinds of trouble for the people involved. The person caught is trying to back track and weave lies of who the other person is (it’s my dying Aunt in Alaska was one excuse, another is just a “co worker”, blah blah blah), pretty much disrespecting the person wronged even more, because now the whole of Los Angeles knows what a loser they’ve been with and so on and so forth.

Now this has got to suck for whoever is the one being cheated on, it hurts when you don’t know the person that their SO is cheating with, it hurts a little more when the person that they’re cheating on is someone you know and it’s downright devastating when the other person is your friend.

How would you fix something like that? Do you cut them both out of your life? Most of us would say, of course…but things like this are so much easier said than done, but you do it because the trust issue is shot to hell. How on earth can you trust your friend if she’s stepping out on you with your own boyfriend, right? Why would you want to be with a guy who’s been cheating on you with your friend? Not only did he not respect you enough to be faithful, but he held little regard for your feelings when he started cheating on you with your friend. So you ditch the loser because he’s not worth your time, at least we hope you do.

But what happens when the other person is your sister?

How would you fix THAT?

So, I’m laying in bed, contemplating if I can actually call in sick today because I just DO NOT have the energy to get up and get dressed, but the radio’s on and I’m listening to the latest installment of Ryan’s Roses.

The girl’s name is Leti, she thinks her man Oscar who is 44 years old is cheating on her. Ryan makes the phone call, Oscar answers and sends the roses to, Mya, who turns out to be Leti’s 22 year old younger sister.

I fell out of my bed when I heard, “Wait, that’s my sister!” coming from Leti. I was literally floored.

How do you get over something like that? I mean, it’s one thing for it to be a friend, someone you didn’t know, those kinds of things you know what to do, there’s no question about what you should do, you cut them out of your life and you move on with yours because things like this when feelings are involved you just keep on, keepin’ on, it may be hard, but you don’t have to see or talk to them after everything so it’s a no brainer. But how do you get over something like this one? I mean, so Leti breaks up with Oscar, okay, doesn’t have to deal with him anymore, but she can’t necessarily cut her sister out of her life, because that’s family.

She’s forever stuck with her sister, but how do you forgive that kind of betrayal? On another note, DO you forgive your sister?

And what of the sister? I mean, she’s 22, she’s young and she’s seeing her sister’s man on the sly. Why would she do that? What could she be thinking of to get involved with her sister’s man?

Nobody seemed to have the answers this morning, but the topic has stayed with me, (mostly because everyone keeps coming to my office or calling my office to see if I listened to it this morning and then everyone had something to say about it). It’s sad that sometimes you just can’t trust ANYONE, including your family. It shouldn’t have to be like that.

I feel bad for Leti because that’s something that you just don’t wish on your worst enemy, especially since her business became public knowledge because she found out about it the same time, millions of people in L.A. found out.

Live on the radio.

Something to ponder over the week, I guess…

Movie: The Great Raid.

29 01 2006

This movie made me cry.

I felt bad for the POW’s that were stuck as slaves in the Camp (forgot what camp it was, but I cried for them). I’m a sap so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I cried throughout this movie. But above all of that, I liked this movie, becuase of course, James Franco, was one of the stars. He was Captain Prince and he was the hero of the day, since he was the one that planned and led the raid, which they successfully completed. The raid itself had me sitting at the edge of my seat (at 2 o’clock in the morning too), hoping that nothing went wrong (since I didn’t know anything about this raid, it was all new to me, *sigh* Damn, I need to read more on American History!) and that it would all work out in the end.

It did.

I was glad, even though I was sad that some of the best men in the movie died. (I won’t tell you who, you have to watch it yourself to find out who) I cried when those men and I really liked James Franco’s character in this movie. Benjamin Bratt’s character was blah to me, but he looked cute I guess. Kelly Ripa’s husband was in this movie and he was cute, but he didn’t have a big part in it…poor thing.

Overall, the movie was good. Not GREAT, not the BOMB, just good. The hottie factor in this movie (something that ranks high in my books, LOL) was great though. Plenty of hot guys in this movie, James Franco being one of them.

Get it, watch it and then either like it or don’t, but I liked it.

Thats Gonna Leave a Shiner.

28 01 2006

So last night, Jess calls me up and tells me to get dressed, Trish wants to go out, I get all excited, thinking we’re going to go out on the prowl. Woo hoo, it’s been a while, since Jess and I have been out on the prowl.

I get all dressed up in my tight jeans, hooker top and CFM Boots, while I’m curling my hair, Jess calls me back and tells me to change because we’re meeting some people at the volleyball courts to play raquetball, a bit miffed that I won’t be showing off my cute outfit, I told Jess to call Trish and tell her that we have plans and I’ll come pick her up, Jess sighs and says, “I wish, but we’re down the street from your house already so hurry and change,” *sigh* So, I dutifully change into a pair of cute exercise pants, a white long sleeved fitted tee under my Rascal Flatts concert tee shirt with my matching Addidas tennis shoes (gotta look cute, hehe). So, by the time they arrived at my house, I was still miffed, but I was ready to go.

On the way to the gym, Trish is rapping along to every rap song on the damn radio and it’s irritating me to no end. Because, she makes her voice all deep and she tries to emulate the rapper’s man voice and it’s sooooo not cute. So, by the time we get to the gym, I’m irritated because I don’t want to play volleyball (mainly because I SUCK at volleyball) and I don’t ‘want to play raquetball (again, because I SUCK at raquetball), but whatever, it’s what we’re doing, I’ll be a good girl. We form teams, me and Jess against Trish and her Aunt Shelley.

Shelley and Trish are whooping our ass, 11-3. Trish starts laughing at us, (I suck at this game, Jess is alright, but she’s not that good either), going on and on about how we need to practice to get to her level and all this crap, whatever, she can talk because she IS whooping our ass, but now Jess and I have upped our game, the score gets to 15-8. Trish is still making these smart ass comments, and by now my blood pressure has sky rocketed because she really IS getting on my damn nerves now with all her stupid talk.

I’m irritated, I suck at the game and Jess starts cracking on my back hand and I laugh beacuse my back hand is horrible. The next play, Trish says something that made me look up at her, all annoyed like and I hit the ball hard (with my horrible back hand) and the ball flies and caught Trish right in her left eye, I totally beaned her. (I mean seriously, who looks back while playing raquetball?) So, Trish drops her raquet and covers her burning eye with her hand, she’s bent over and like the friends that we are, we start roaring with laughter. Mean, I know, but it was my reaction. I had already beaned her three times before, once in her back, twice in her leg, this time I hit her right smack dab in her eye and she’s doubled over in pain, but I can’t stop laughing. But once she starts crying, I immediately feel bad, I run over to her and forgotten are the reasons I was already pissed at her, I’m hugging her, telling her I”m sorry, over and over again and she’s like, “It’s okay, let’s keep playing,” Jess and I share a look, but shrug our shoulders, because her eye is swelling up, but she wants to keep going, so we keep going.

We pick up our racquets, and the very next play, Jess beans Trish in the back. She arches back, the pain evident as she clutches her back, it’s almost too much for us to hold our laughter in, especially after Trish throws her racquet down and screeches that she quits and walks out of the room. Jess and I clap our hands over our mouths and with one last look at Trish’s Aunt Shelley who is doubled over laughing her ass off, we run to the bathroom and lose it. We’re laughing so loud and for so long, that ten minutes later, Trish’s other Aunt Lesley comes into the bathroom to find out what happened to Trish, after we tell her, Les starts laughing and when we finally come out of the bathroom, we find Trish sitting on the bench, with an ice pack to her eye and another ice pack wrapped around her back.

Jess and I closed our eyes to keep from laughing again, but Les has no qualms about dropping to the floor laughing again, Trish looks over and scowls at her laughing Aunt, but Jess and I are contrite. We go over and apologize and she’s like, “Let’s get out of here, I’ve taken about as much as I can, let’s go grab something to eat.”

Since, it was Trish’s turn to treat (since I splurged on her ass $80 last weekend) we all thought, oh cool let’s get out of here.

We’re driving along, joking in the car and instead of going to Denny’s, where we’ll get Sandwiches and fruit, she heads to Starbucks and I look over at Jess and I can’t believe it. She’s going to whimp out on paying for dinner, but she’ll take us to Starbucks, cause it’s cheaper?

Oh hell no.

But whatever, Starbucks is fine, we can hang out here since it’s still early (not quite 10 o’clock), we get out of the car and I was thinking, to just leave my purse in the trunk. She’s been going on and on about this drink, she wants us to try out so Jess and I are sure she’s going to treat.

Oh no, Trish closes the car and asks me, “Hey Dee, you need your purse?”

Jess starts laughing all loud and Shelley turns back to look at Trish in horror, which turns to annoyance once again.

I answer, “I guess so,” all attudey like.

We get inside and Shelley whispers to me, “If she’s not paying then I don’t want anything, because I didn’t bring my purse,”

I told Shelley that I’ll pay for her Starbucks, but I’m going to give Trish the benefit out of the doubt, hoping that she’ll prove us wrong and pay for our drinks. She gets up to the register and orders her drink and then Jess gets up and orders her drink and then orders for me and Shelley as well. The lady asks if the orders are together and before Jess could answer her, Trish is saying, “Oh no, it’s all seperate,” handing the lady a twenty dollar bill.

I gawk at her and say, “Oh hell no,”

To which Jess reaches behind her and pulls my hair and shakes her head, trying to silence me. She then tells the cashier that Trish’ order is seperate but our orders are together. We fight over who’s going to pay for the drinks, and Jess wins. She pays for the drinks and we all go sit and wait for our orders.

I’m too pissed at Trish to say anything to her and so is Jess, so we’re talking about anything and everything, keeping Shelley in the conversation. Now, Trish only got a drink, as did Shelley, but Jess and I got those low fat coffee cakes and we’re sharing with Shelley and Trish asks me, “Do you have anything to eat at your house?”

To which I reply without looking at her, “Nothing for you,”

She stopped talking.

So Jess, Shelley and I are talking and Trish is just sitting there, not saying much when she asks me, “Can I use your phone?” I just shake my head and said, “No.” She then says, “Well then let’s go,” Like she’s got some reason to be mad at me about. What the flip ever.

I can’t believe that I spent close to $100 on her last weekend, and this weekend she couldn’t even buy me a drink. One flippin’ drink. She knew last week when she showed up with no money that I’m on a budget, I’ve got to save up to get my new car and still she came and still she had me pay for her, making me think that she would get me back and then she just doesn’t. Gosh, shit like that pisses me the hell off. It is my goal to cut her out of my life and one of these days, I’m really going to do it. Shelley was quick to tell everyone in their family about what Trish did last night, so my phone was blowing up when I got home (at 10:20pm by the way, *sigh*), from her Uncle who is one of me and Jess’ friends and then her Aunt Lesley telling me that I need to quit paying for her and to give me a high five over the phone, for not being a little bitch like I usually am.

I’m still pissed that she refuses to pay me back for all of the things that I have paid for her in the past, I’m still pissed that she refuses to return my Troy DVD and all the books that I have lent her over the years and last night, I let her know. I asked for all of my DVD’s back and told her to have them ready because Jess and I are going to pick them up tonight, she asked me what we were doing tonight and I said, “We’re going shopping,” when she was trying to muse about what she was doing, both Jess and I ignored her question about coming along because she had some shopping to do as well, I just rolled my eyes at her and looked over at Jess and said, “So tomorrow after work?”

Jess nodded and both of us looked over at Trish with something close to hatred in our eyes and we both gave a satisfied smile, because Trish was rubbing her left eye and looking in the mirror.

I hope she gets a black eye, because then I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I put it there.

Eye Candy Friday: Dan Carter.

27 01 2006


This week has been such a long week and I have been ready for the weekend since, Tuesday. I swear this week dragged on and on and I didn’t think it would ever end and as I sit at my desk in my office, counting down the minutes until I can walk outside and breathe in all the wonderful smog that the nice drivers of California has left for me in abundance. I’m more than ready for some eye candy.

Dan Carter wears the Number 10 jersey for both the New Zealand All Blacks and the Canterbury Crusaders. He’s also one of the hottest rugby players in the WORLD. Gosh, this man sure knows how to please the ladies with his good looking self. He’s also one of the rising stars in New Zealand, now if only he would come and play in California, then I could die a happy woman. Jess is absolutely obsessed with this man and I can’t blame her because he is the bomb. I remember the first time I saw him, it was the last week of October in 2003, early in the morning, he kicked the hell out of the ball against one of those other teams (all I remember is HIM) at the RWC.

Some facts about him, he was born on May 3, 1982 in Leeston and if he wasn’t a rugby star he would want to be a movie star (umm okay), his favorite place to travel to is Australia (Grace the next time you see him on the street, bust a Hookie on him and send him to me, kay? I’ll supply the bubble wrap!) What else? Ehhh, all you need to know is this man is super duper hot and I’m going to marry him before Jess has a chance too! LOL.

Here’s some more pictures for me to enjoy!

My Passion for Books.

24 01 2006

I can be a very passionate person.

About men, dancing, movies, music, singing in the shower (hey I sing with ALL kinds of passion up in there), dancing when no one’s looking, texting in church (I know I’m going to see you in hell, I already know), you know things like that, I’m very passionate.

But the one thing that I’m the most passionate about is, books.

There is something about losing yourself in a story about characters that become a part of your world and do incredible things and fall in love and travel all over the world, living a life you aren’t living that just totally captures my heart and when the characters find their happy endings at the end, it totally makes my heart sigh, which can and most always make a book great to me.

Now the thing with having books as a passion is that it puts a very big dent in your wallet. I mean, those suckers are not cheap, by any means, because of course when you’re book shopping, you can’t possibly just get one book, oh heck no, you’ve got to get a few books and so after you have a couple of books under your arm and you’re making your way back to the register to buy your new books which you’re so excited to read when you get home, you come across the New Releases Table and you have yourself a look, you see the new Rachel Gibson that you were waiting to come out is finally out and how can you leave it there? You pick it up without thinking and then see the latest book in the last series by Nora Roberts sitting on the table and you’re thinking to yourself, oh gosh I really liked that series, this is Chantel’s story, how can I not get it right? So up and in your arms the book goes. You finally tear yourself away from the table and make your way to the registers again, but on the way there you see a few more that your friends were gushing about and you think, oh why not, splurge a bit, Holly said this book was really good, so what the hell, I’ll get this too and by the time you get to the register and pull out your card you are $50 poorer and your heart sinks, until you get home and dig into your new glorious stories.

It’s the same way when you’re online shopping.

My friend Holly posted on our board today about shopping at B&N and getting all these books for under like $30 or something. Books were going for $1.99, $3.99 and $5.99, so I thought, let me go have a look. Once I got to the site and was checking through the sale items, I just had to look up such and such book, by such and such author, had to pre order the books for some of my most anxiously awaited books, a Rachel Gibson book, a nerd book by Vicki Lewis Thompson book, had to order Nerd Gone Wild, get the Melissa Senate book that I’ve been dying to read, had to order this and had to order that and by the time I was done shopping, my total was $57.32.

What the heezie, my neezie?

Mind you, all of the books were bought used, so they were all like $3 the most, I was shocked to say the least and then I looked at the time and found that I had spent my entire lunch hour, shopping for books online. I had six pages of books in my shopping cart and that was the worst thing to see, because I had no idea that I had accumlated so many books. I was just going to click on Continue, but was interrupted when my boss came in and asked me to send her the latest report on Kick Off Meetings I did a few weeks ago, so I saved my shopping cart, closed the window and got to work.

Throughout the rest of my day, I sat there going back and forth with myself, fantasizing about the books that were waiting for me to purchase and scolding myself to forget the books because there was some many other things I could use the money for, like a new pair of shoes for Brenna because her new Heeley’s are looking pretty nasty not to mention that she’s growing like there’s no tomorrow and I should probably get her some new pants before she starts wearing capris instead of pants. I really should just delete my shopping cart at B& and go on with my life, but when I open up the web site again, I can’t bring myself to do it.

I have no will power to stay away from things I love.

I need help. Come to think of it, I should have started this post with, Hi, My name is Wena and I’m a Bookaholic.

You think there’s a twelve step program for this?

The Bachelor: Paris.

24 01 2006

So, I only had time to watch this show, I totally missed the RW/RR Challenge: The Gauntlet 2, damn and my fav, Ace went home….poor thing! Oh well, I’ll catch one of the many reruns MTV will play on the tube throughout the week.

Anyway, The Bachelor: Paris.

Travis, Travis, Travis.

Is there something that you’re not telling us about some of these women that you’re giving roses too, because I, for the life of me, cannot find the appeal of four of the women you gave roses to last night, I mean seriously…what’s really going on here?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Kicked to the Curb: Shiloh. Shiloh was BLECH, who cares about her, that’s what she gets for tattling on Moana, Travis don’t like Tattle Tells I guess, but she should’ve learned that lesson in 3rd grade come on now, you were blah anyway. The other to leave was Jenn, I wondered why she got sent home because even though she had the most cheesiest answer to Travis’ question, I thought he would have liked the corny bullshit but then we saw the real reason after the credits rolled at the end with her freaking out about the damn bugs, Oh please I woulda canned your ass too, moving on…

Left In the Bucket: Susan, Sarah Canada, Sarah Tennessee, Moana, Jihan, Tara.

Susan. I really hope she wins because she’s my favorite. She’s sweet and she’s not really trying so hard. I like her too because to me, she’s the prettiest girl there and she’s sweet. You can’t lose with that combination, lucky girl. She also seems like she’s genuinely interested in Travis and not all I wanna sex you up and stuff, for now, she rocks.

Sarah Canada. This girl to me is all about sexing Travis. I can’t see where she’s genuinely crushing on him, wants to get to know him, to me it looks like all she’s worried about is getting the first everything from Travis, and since she didn’t get the first kiss, she was really working overtime to be the one for him, I like her but she’s not my favorite, Susan is. But I want Sarah Canada to be there at the end, with Susan. I’m crossing my fingers for her, but only until there’s two left, then she can kick rocks.

Sarah Tennessee. Can this woman be anymore strange? I mean really, the girl is doing way too much and holding on a little to tight to the, we’re from the same city card. Get real, it won’t matter if you guys live next door to each other, if the chemisty aint there, you aint winning this contest. And then to see her hating on everyone just really aint cute, I mean when she’s not with Travis, she’s sitting with the other girls gossiping about the other women, Moana especially, get over it already, Moana is pulling ahead of you and that’s what you’re really pissed off about, quit worrying about everyone else and work on your own game, sheesh. Please send her home soon, Travis…you can visit her with your new girlfriend when you get home, do a spot of tea or something.

Moana. Moana is Mo Ugly. I can’t tell if this girl is for real or if she’s playing us all. I can see why she wouldn’t be all, I love Travis like the other girls are, she’s keeping her cards close by, doesn’t want to spew her guts out and then he not pick her and she looks like an idiot in front of the entire nation for going on and on about how they’re soul mates and then find out Trav don’t feel the same way, she’s smart on that part, but dude the bitch is ugly, get rid of her already.

Jehan. Send this one home yesterday, please. I am really not seeing the appeal with this chick. I mean, in the words of Meredith and Izzy from Gray’s Anatomy, “Seriously?” Travis you gave her a rose three weeks in a row, what are you seeing about this chick that we’re not? I mean, and I quote again, “Seriously?” I just don’t see it, please show me why you have kept this big ball of BLAH on the show for three weeks, please show me cause I don’t see it. I can only hope that she gets canned next week, I’m going to cross my fingers, my toes, my eyes, my heart and hope for the best.

Tara. Oh my hell, Travis, I’m most disappointed in the keeping of this big fat hateraid drinking heffalump. I mean, she’s got COCKBLOCKING written in freckles all over her damn face. When she bursted in on Susan’s birthday surprise with that other heffalump, Jehan last week, I wanted to smack her upside her damn connect the dot face and then last night when she interrupted the one on one with Sarah Tennessee, I wanted to karate chop her knee caps and feed her ass to the fishes. Is she so hard up for some alone time with him that she’ll sabotage everyone elses chance to get to know him? Does she think that’s going to help her win Travis over? The only thing everyone in America is going to remember about her after the show is, Tara? Oh you mean the cockblocking red head that LOST the Bachelor? Send her ass packin’, PLEASE!

Jess and I were hecka scared for last night’s episode, you see we’ve got this thing where guys that can’t dance and still dance like they can dance, turn us off. We knew that Travis would be doing some dancing on that fancy big boat of his, we didn’t want to be turned off all that handsome sexiness, so as soon as the boat clips came on, I immediately closed my eyes, but I still caught some dancing action going on, I forgive him, but looking like that, I’ll forgive him anything, like keeping Tara around so long.

Next week, sparks fly once again and Jehan comes clean about some big secret, wonder what it is and if it’s enough to send her ass packing, I hope so and when she leaves, I hope she packs Tara in her luggage.

Until next week…