Younger Brother Rage.

1 01 2006

I’m going to kill him.

No seriously, I’m going to kill my younger brother! Why, you ask? Oh because the stupid asshole wanted a phone, but was too lazy to get off his ass to go get one, so he asked me and my older sister to just get him a phone and add him to our plan, alright fine, I got him a phone, got him a line and he’s been really good about paying his bill (mostly due to the fact that I’m the one that takes his bill money out of his account, so CHEERS to me!) Well last week, the stupid jerk lost his phone, but instead of calling Cingular to report his phone lost/stolen, he waits until he talks to me again (3 days after he lost his phone) to ask me to call Cingular and work my magic and get him a new phone because he lost his. Why couldn’t he do this? Because he’s a spoiled jerk and I did mention earlier that he’s lazy too, right? Right, so I called Friday to report his phone lost, they suspended the phone line and then I had to make a phone call to the insurance people, filed my report and they billed me $50 to send my brother a new phone, which should be delivered to my house on Tuesday (1/03/06) due to the Holiday weekend.

The asshole called me today from Vegas trying to give me his new cell phone. At first, I thought he was just kidding, but oh no, the stupid jerkface went out and got him a new cell phone because he doesn’t want to wait until his new phone comes in. I can’t seem to see straight, because at the moment all I see is this red haze in front of my face.

He’s got a T Mobile phone in addition to the Cingular phone that we still have on contract, for another year. I can’t believe how stupid this guy is, I seriously want to kill him. He tells me that I took too long getting a new phone for him, so he went and got himself a new phone and that I can just cancel his old number.

What the fuck?

Okay, does he not understand that we are under contract with Cingular for another year, that he SIGNED UP for a two year contract with Cingular and that he can’t just simply CANCEL his number because he lost the phone? Does he seriously think that it will work that way?

Obviously because the stupid ass fuck got another fucking phone.

So, on Tuesday I’m going to have two cell phones, what the hell am I going to do with two fucking cell phones? I’m not some pimp who has all these different guys calling me that I would need two different cell phones to keep my guys straight. I’m not some flippin’ celebrity where I would need two cell phones to keep for personal calls and business calls. I have three friends that I talk to on a regular basis, why on earth am I going to need two different phones to talk to them on?

If the stupid asshole thinks he’s going to get away with not paying for this phone, he is sadly mistaken because please believe I will STILL be taking the money out for his damn phone until our contract is up.

To hell with his dumbass.




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