Family Drama.

9 01 2006

So, every Sunday everyone comes over our house to have Sunday To’ona’i (which is Samoan for Family dinner/feast, whatever) and yesterday was no different. We fed the missionaries again, which I dig because our Elders are really cool. They love the kids and they don’t stay long, so I can’t really complain. Plus, every time they come over, we cook good things, so really, I’m not complaining.

Well yesterday I got a call from my sister in Colorado. I love my sister that lives in Colorado and there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t miss her and her little boys, most especially my pele (Samoan for favorite), Seth. Anyway, things between my sisters haven’t been as peachy as one would believe, because really they are really close, but my two sisters, Bianca and Dee who live out here in California, get really annoyed with my sister, Haley because they think Haley lets her husband decide where they spend their vacations and such. Since my nephew was born in August, my family has only seen the baby twice, once when they all went up to Colorado when baby was born, and then for a couple of hours the second time when Haley’s husband, Rob came out for his cousin’s wedding and my sister’s watched the baby while he was at the wedding. Now they only had baby until Rob was done with the wedding preperations, which was roughly 4-5 hours. Now I didn’t get to go to Colorado when the family went because I had work and trainings to attend here, and then when I was supposed to take vacation and go up there to see them, they told me not to come because it was snowing and they would worry about me and all this junk. So I didn’t go.

Well, Rob’s side of the family has seen the boys numerous times since they moved to Colorado. Haley and the family spent Thanksgiving with Rob’s family in Texas. They flew out Rob’s sister to stay with the boys, and they sent baby to Texas on two different ocassions, and when they were to spend time with us, they couldn’t make it. So because of that, my sisters Bianca and Dee are really bitter with Rob for it. They try not to make such a big deal out of it, but Haley always has excuses for why they can’t make it or some other thing, like she didn’t want to burden us with baby, because she knew that we all worked and what not, but she knows that my parents don’t work anymore, that they watch our kids and she didn’t want to burden Mom and Dad like that…any one of us could have taken time off to watch baby, all of us would have gladly done it, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us.

So, yesterday when I got the call that my sister wanted to know if I could come out and watch her kids for her the first weekend in February, I was delighted. I am seriously looking forward to it actually….atleast I was until I found out that my sister Haley wouldn’t be there AT all the entire time that I’m there. I would fly into Denver, Friday night after work, they would pick me up and Saturday morning they would board a plane and come to California for Rob’s brother’s baby birthday or something. They would fly back on Sunday night, the same night I would be meeting them at the airport, we would swap kids, Rob will drive the car I brought to the airport and they would get off their plane and I would get on mine to come back home. Now, I’ve never been to Colorado in my life, and I guess I always pictured my first trip to Colorado, spent with my sister. But I didn’t mention anything about it to my other sisters, B and D, they mentioned it to me.

Both rolled their eyes and didn’t say much about it, other than the usual mumbling under their breaths. I just shrugged my shoulders and am not going to let it bother me much, at least I’ll be able to spend time with my nephews who I miss more than anything. I’ll finally get to know my nephew that I haven’t even met yet, since when he came out here, I was away helping with Jessica’s friends bridal shower that I threw for her. And that’s really all I can say about that.

I just wish that our family would get some time with these guys, because really we don’t….at all.




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