Update On Colorado.

12 01 2006

I’m going to Colorado on the 3rd of February, coming back home on the 6th. My sister H is not flying back to Colorado with her husband but bringing baby (who will be traveling with them, DAMN I won’t get to see him until I get back home) here to L.A. and staying for a week with US. This certainly brought an excited smile to my face because it’s been entirely TOO long since I’ve seen my sister and gosh I miss her.

So everyone is happy once again in my family, woo hoo!! H is coming for a visit and bringing baby K with her, YAY! And while I’m in Colorado I’m going to be meeting one of my friends that I post with online. I can’t wait for that bit. It’s going to be so much fun!

Everything seems to be in order for the moment, and I’m happy for that because the past two days, things have been bothering me and to get some good news like this really made up for all the little stuff that bugged me from this week, I didn’t even mind redoing the report I had to do to add some last minute things for one of my coworkers, so that really means that things are looking up for me, YES!

Now I must be off, so many things to do, cause I’m uber busy and so important! LOL.




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