Mulu’s Birthday Bash: The Family One.

15 01 2006

Friday night, I came home from work and immediately set about getting ready for Jess’ birthday dinner hosted by her parents. There were a bunch of people here at my house, there was an activity going on and everyone met at my house, so I showered, changed and was applying make up when I got a frantic call from Jess on my cell phone, telling me to rush to her house right now.

So like the best friend that I am, I dropped everything in a bag, kissed my little one goodbye and rushed over to Jess’ house to see what had caused her to lose her cool. The sight that I beheld when I got there was something right out of a movie, I swear. Never in my life had I beheld so many police cars and so many people littering a house that has become like a second home to me.

There were three different squad cars parked on the street, four different cops standing on the street, watching Jess’ house and there were close to 15 people in front of Jess’ garage, all of them, yelling at each other. There were so many cars littering the street that I had to park way the hell down the street and in order for me to walk up toward the driveway, I had to pass the police cars, so of course, I got stopped before I could work my way up to path.

One of the cops (I hate to admit that the guy looked freaking good) stopped me and asked me to leave because this wasn’t a show. I shook my head and said, “What’s going on here?”

He was clearly annoyed that I bothered asking, since I’m sure he was just knew I was being a nosy neighbor, but I put that to rest as soon as I said, “Look today is my best friend’s birthday and she’s somewhere in the midst of all that chaos since this is her house, is someone getting arrested today?”

He pulled away from his perch on the car and told me that if there was any way that I could calm these people down, please go on ahead. So I nodded in his direction and ran up the driveway, just in time for me to see Jess lunge at an older woman, whom I’ve never seen before in my life. Her brother in law grabbed her before she could strike the woman, and I yelled, “Jess!”

She looked up and saw me and immediately stepped back. I ran up to see what was going on, and Jess looked at the older woman she was about to beat to a bloody pulp and said, “Don’t you ever speak to my mother like that again, because I won’t miss next time,”

The older lady (who had to be in her late thirties) shut her trap so fast it shocked me, since Jess was clearly half her age. Jess’s nephew Lance was sobbing next to Jess’ mother who seemed to have fainted and was resting on the couch in their garage, tears streaming down her face.

There was another woman who was younger than the one Jess was fighting with, her fight was with Jess’ older sister, Paige. Paige was trying to explain to the lady that if she would have handled this in a better way, instead of bringing the cops with her to take Lance, things wouldn’t have gone this far. She tried explaining to the woman that she couldn’t expect to be absent in Lance’s life for the past 9 years and then expect Lance to just go on his merry way with her, because finally, she decided that she wanted to be his mother again. Lance was having none of it. He was very vocal about not going anywhere with her, that he was with his family and that he wasn’t going anywhere with that “woman”, he was staying with his mom, then he asked the police man to please take her away because she was making his mom cry.

The whole scene was really heart breaking. Lance is Jess nephew, Jessica’s older brother’s son. The mother gave him up when she had him, I don’t know the reason why, but she’s never really been in contact with Lance, since she gave him up, 9 years ago. Jessica’s parents raised Lance as their own, because Jess’ brother, Keith wasn’t trying to raise his infant son. So, he left the boy with his parents and they raised and loved him as if he was their very own. Lance was more like a little brother to Jess, instead of the nephew that he really was and she spoiled him just as much as her parents did.

So, after 9 years of no birthday cards, no Christmas cards, no phone calls, Lance’s biological mother wants him back.

The only thing is, Lance doesn’t want her.

My heart broke as I watched Lance cry at Jess’ mother’s side, begging her not to let that woman take him. He clutched to her like she was his lifeline and Jessica’s mother held him just as hard.

Paige was having a hard time trying to reason with Lance’s mother, and her husband wasn’t helping matters, he kept getting louder and louder, telling them to get off of his property. The cops finally took off, not wanting to have anything to do with this, since really there wasn’t much they COULD do about anything. As soon as the cops took off, Jess’ father packed everyone into their cars, letting Lance’s mom know that they had a family dinner to go to and she wasn’t invited. Lance was apart of their family and if she really had any say in where Lance went, the cops would have already taken him away, since they didn’t, we were going to our family dinner and she had to leave.

With lots of insults thrown our way, Lance’s mother assured the family that it wasn’t the last they’d seen of her, that we better enjoy our time with Lance because our time with him was limited, because she will get her son back.

I had to run back home, since I took off with my sisters purse instead of mine, so I told Jess that I will meet her at the restaurant and I ran back home.

It took me twenty minutes to get home, since there was a car accident on the freeway and by the time I got to the restaurant, everyone was already eating. I got pulled aside by Jessica’s brother in law, a really good friend of mine who told me that Jess hadn’t said a word since they got to the restaurant. She was looking pretty blue, so he gave me $100 and told me to show her a good time, after dinner. And I promised him that I would.

I sat next to Jess at the head of the table, right next to her mother, who was still quietly weeping at the dinner table. Lance was seated next to her, with his head on her shoulder, quietly telling her all throughout dinner that he was never goign to leave her. That he loved her and he was never going to leave her.

It really broke my heart.

Bit by bit, I brought a smile to Jessica’s face and sooner than I thought, she was laughing and conversation around the table seemed to pick up. With the help of her other Brother in law, Chris, we were able to make the other family members laugh and participate in the conversation running wild around the table.

After dinner it was after 9pm and I was dressed to go clubbing, but Jess had a sweatshirt and jeans on, not clubbing apparel, but she wanted to do something to make her forget the hellish night she just had. So, I suggested a movie, she heartily agreed.

We went to the theaters and bought our tickets to see, Tristand and Isolde. (YAY!) But because we were almost an hour and a half early for the next showing, we walked to Starbucks and got a Mocha Frap. On our walk back to the theaters, we still had that hour wait, so we sat in front of the theaters, laughing and joking around.

That’s how we met Jake, John and…Tristan.

Tristan was a hottie, and it was more than aparent that he was attracted to Jess. It was so cute, how they sat down next to us and had their own conversation going, but they came over when Jess started doing her Bride and Prujudice Indian dance which had me laughing so loud and for so long, we started clowning on everyone around us and then on each other that they came over and started talking to us. Jake was the sly one though, he came over and started dancing with Jess which made Jess laugh and then they introduced themselves to us and Tristan asked what movie we were going to see.

When we told them about us going to see Tristan and Isolde. Both Jake and John started laughing and Tristan just smiled. Then he asked me if they could go into the movie theater with us, so that it looked like we dragged them to the theaters with us. We talked, we laughed and we joked around with these guys and when we walked into the theaters, they were very loud about us dragging them to the movie theaters to see this gay ass movie.

It was so cute.

Tristan had pulled me aside and told me that the reason he wanted to see this movie was because he wanted to make sure that the Tristan in the movie representin’ their name to the fullest.

I laughed so hard. Because, he was soooo lying. It was so obvious that he was psyched to see the movie, period.

After the movie, they invited us to go eat with them, but Jess declined because she was beyond tired, from her day. Tristan and I exchanged numbers to keep in touch (I told him I would try to hook him up with Jess, but secretly knew that Jess wouldn’t let things grow between them), when he asked me if Jess would really want to talk to him, since she was so obviously not interested in him, I assured him that she was interested, but that she just had other things on her mind right now.

And when we got into the car, I asked her what was wrong with Tristan. Because, from where I was sitting I didn’t see a hot damn thing wrong with him. We got into this big ol fight about it (playfully), and she started yelling at me about Jake, how he tried to get at me, but I was too busy trying to hook Tristan up with her that I totally left him in the dust. I threw Tristan’s number at her and she did the same with Jake’s number and then she said something that really struck me, hit me so hard that at 1:30am, I was dialing up Holly on my way home, wanting to talk about it.

She told me that I keep guys at bay because I don’t think I’ve got anything to offer them.

And it scared me, because she’s right and no one has ever brought that truth out in the open with me, let alone threw them at me.

And hit me with it, she did.

To be continued….




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