Eye Candy Friday: James Franco.

19 01 2006

If ever I needed some eye candy to get me through the day, today is the day. I barely got a wink of sleep in last night because the daughter was up all night with a tummy ache and so I gave her some medicine and then she wanted to sleep with me, so I scooched over and she laid down and fretted for a while before she finally fell into a fitful slumber (at around 12:30am) then just as I start getting into my sleeping groove about an hour later, I hear a piercing scream coming from the other room, where my nephews are sleeping. It wouldn’t have bothered me so, if my nephew Chase was crying for his mom, because then I wouldn’t have to get up, but oh no last night I wasn’t so lucky, the little monster was crying for me. It appeared he had a nightmare and nothing and no one could soothe if their name wasn’t Dylan. So because he sounded so scared, I rushed over to the room and picked him up. He kept touching my face, frantic to make sure it was me, I guess and when he was satisfied that I had indeed come to “rescue” him, he put his head on my shoulder (which is something I adore) and whispered that he wanted to sleep with me, because the monster was going to get him. I asked him repeatedly if he was sure he didn’t want to sleep with his mom (hoping against hope that he would give in and finally say, I want my mommy!) but that wasn’t the case last night, the boy wanted what he wanted.


So I tucked him in next to the daughter and he immediately crowded my personal space, so I knew I wasn’t going to get much sleep. I didn’t even get to read as much as I wanted to read because the daughter wasn’t feeling good and now I’m not even going to get as much sleep as I wanted to get in because I had two children that like to toss and turn in the night sleeping with me.

Oh joy.

I woke up this morning with kinks in my neck from Chase, who clung to me the entire night and my leg was sore because Brenna had her arms wrapped around my left leg and she squeezed it throughout the night. So, what I need more than anything right now, is some good eye candy.

If you haven’t noticed, I go through spurts of time when I’m in love with a certain actor/singer/athlete, it’s usually after I have either seen one of their movies, video’s or games. This week is no different. I just saw Tristan & Isolde last weekend and I really enjoyed the movie (me, being the romantic sap that I am, shouldn’t surprise ya’ll) and since then, I have netflixed every single James Franco movie, I could find. (well the ones that interested me) And because I can’t get enough of him, today’s eye candy is: James Franco.

He’s a little on the skinny side, but I’m not caring right now because he was the bomb Tristan and he’s such a cutie.

On SpiderMan: DELISH.

I don’t care that he’s not the hottest guy in the world, he’s such a cutie patootie and I want to look at him today! LOL.





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