Movie Review: Roll Bounce.

22 01 2006

Roll Bounce, starring Bow Wow and a bunch of other young black stars. Nick Cannon was in here along with Holly’s best friend from What I Like About You on the WB on Friday nights, he played Sweetness and if you ask me, I thought he was a little sweet, and laughed my tail off when Bow Wow’s character called him on it towards the end of the movie. This movie had me cracking up from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. I don’t know if it was because the kid that likes to make fun of everybody on the show or if it was becuase of the two trash men, or maybe it was all of those combined that made me go out and buy the movie for my daughter (surrree it was for my daughter) to enjoy after netflixing it.

But gosh, this movie was cute. It was fun, light and entertaining. The boys sure know how to skate their little butts off. The best friend and I liked this movie so much, it made us want to get our roll bounce on, which we did this weekend and let me tell you, we are no where as good as Bow Wow and his gang. Although, I will say this much, I am WAY better than home girl on there, Tory. I can get down against her. She don’t want none of this….LOL.

There’s nothing deep or meaningful about this movie, it’s one of those movies that you watch with the kids or even your friends when you’re bored, but want to laugh. This one made me laugh, especially when home dude was like, “Excuse me the train station called, they want their tracks back!” LOL.

Good one.




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