My Passion for Books.

24 01 2006

I can be a very passionate person.

About men, dancing, movies, music, singing in the shower (hey I sing with ALL kinds of passion up in there), dancing when no one’s looking, texting in church (I know I’m going to see you in hell, I already know), you know things like that, I’m very passionate.

But the one thing that I’m the most passionate about is, books.

There is something about losing yourself in a story about characters that become a part of your world and do incredible things and fall in love and travel all over the world, living a life you aren’t living that just totally captures my heart and when the characters find their happy endings at the end, it totally makes my heart sigh, which can and most always make a book great to me.

Now the thing with having books as a passion is that it puts a very big dent in your wallet. I mean, those suckers are not cheap, by any means, because of course when you’re book shopping, you can’t possibly just get one book, oh heck no, you’ve got to get a few books and so after you have a couple of books under your arm and you’re making your way back to the register to buy your new books which you’re so excited to read when you get home, you come across the New Releases Table and you have yourself a look, you see the new Rachel Gibson that you were waiting to come out is finally out and how can you leave it there? You pick it up without thinking and then see the latest book in the last series by Nora Roberts sitting on the table and you’re thinking to yourself, oh gosh I really liked that series, this is Chantel’s story, how can I not get it right? So up and in your arms the book goes. You finally tear yourself away from the table and make your way to the registers again, but on the way there you see a few more that your friends were gushing about and you think, oh why not, splurge a bit, Holly said this book was really good, so what the hell, I’ll get this too and by the time you get to the register and pull out your card you are $50 poorer and your heart sinks, until you get home and dig into your new glorious stories.

It’s the same way when you’re online shopping.

My friend Holly posted on our board today about shopping at B&N and getting all these books for under like $30 or something. Books were going for $1.99, $3.99 and $5.99, so I thought, let me go have a look. Once I got to the site and was checking through the sale items, I just had to look up such and such book, by such and such author, had to pre order the books for some of my most anxiously awaited books, a Rachel Gibson book, a nerd book by Vicki Lewis Thompson book, had to order Nerd Gone Wild, get the Melissa Senate book that I’ve been dying to read, had to order this and had to order that and by the time I was done shopping, my total was $57.32.

What the heezie, my neezie?

Mind you, all of the books were bought used, so they were all like $3 the most, I was shocked to say the least and then I looked at the time and found that I had spent my entire lunch hour, shopping for books online. I had six pages of books in my shopping cart and that was the worst thing to see, because I had no idea that I had accumlated so many books. I was just going to click on Continue, but was interrupted when my boss came in and asked me to send her the latest report on Kick Off Meetings I did a few weeks ago, so I saved my shopping cart, closed the window and got to work.

Throughout the rest of my day, I sat there going back and forth with myself, fantasizing about the books that were waiting for me to purchase and scolding myself to forget the books because there was some many other things I could use the money for, like a new pair of shoes for Brenna because her new Heeley’s are looking pretty nasty not to mention that she’s growing like there’s no tomorrow and I should probably get her some new pants before she starts wearing capris instead of pants. I really should just delete my shopping cart at B& and go on with my life, but when I open up the web site again, I can’t bring myself to do it.

I have no will power to stay away from things I love.

I need help. Come to think of it, I should have started this post with, Hi, My name is Wena and I’m a Bookaholic.

You think there’s a twelve step program for this?




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