Eye Candy Friday: Dan Carter.

27 01 2006


This week has been such a long week and I have been ready for the weekend since, Tuesday. I swear this week dragged on and on and I didn’t think it would ever end and as I sit at my desk in my office, counting down the minutes until I can walk outside and breathe in all the wonderful smog that the nice drivers of California has left for me in abundance. I’m more than ready for some eye candy.

Dan Carter wears the Number 10 jersey for both the New Zealand All Blacks and the Canterbury Crusaders. He’s also one of the hottest rugby players in the WORLD. Gosh, this man sure knows how to please the ladies with his good looking self. He’s also one of the rising stars in New Zealand, now if only he would come and play in California, then I could die a happy woman. Jess is absolutely obsessed with this man and I can’t blame her because he is the bomb. I remember the first time I saw him, it was the last week of October in 2003, early in the morning, he kicked the hell out of the ball against one of those other teams (all I remember is HIM) at the RWC.

Some facts about him, he was born on May 3, 1982 in Leeston and if he wasn’t a rugby star he would want to be a movie star (umm okay), his favorite place to travel to is Australia (Grace the next time you see him on the street, bust a Hookie on him and send him to me, kay? I’ll supply the bubble wrap!) What else? Ehhh, all you need to know is this man is super duper hot and I’m going to marry him before Jess has a chance too! LOL.

Here’s some more pictures for me to enjoy!




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