Movie: The Great Raid.

29 01 2006

This movie made me cry.

I felt bad for the POW’s that were stuck as slaves in the Camp (forgot what camp it was, but I cried for them). I’m a sap so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I cried throughout this movie. But above all of that, I liked this movie, becuase of course, James Franco, was one of the stars. He was Captain Prince and he was the hero of the day, since he was the one that planned and led the raid, which they successfully completed. The raid itself had me sitting at the edge of my seat (at 2 o’clock in the morning too), hoping that nothing went wrong (since I didn’t know anything about this raid, it was all new to me, *sigh* Damn, I need to read more on American History!) and that it would all work out in the end.

It did.

I was glad, even though I was sad that some of the best men in the movie died. (I won’t tell you who, you have to watch it yourself to find out who) I cried when those men and I really liked James Franco’s character in this movie. Benjamin Bratt’s character was blah to me, but he looked cute I guess. Kelly Ripa’s husband was in this movie and he was cute, but he didn’t have a big part in it…poor thing.

Overall, the movie was good. Not GREAT, not the BOMB, just good. The hottie factor in this movie (something that ranks high in my books, LOL) was great though. Plenty of hot guys in this movie, James Franco being one of them.

Get it, watch it and then either like it or don’t, but I liked it.




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