My Mini Me.

1 02 2006

One of my “resolutions” is to get healthier, lose some weight.

I’ve been doing good I guess you can say, because I don’t drink as many Pepsi’s as I did before (I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can drink the hell out of a can of Pepsi) and I’m mindful of what I eat. Monday night, my nieces and I went running at the High School’s track and while my niece Chloe took off running the moment we got to the track and didn’t stop running until we left thirty minutes later (healthy bitch, LOL), my other niece Chelsea and I were more sedate in our walking/running (hey we gotta work our way up). We sped walked for twenty minutes and then we ran non stop for the last ten minutes, we did seven laps around the track which is a mile and three quarters of a mile, pretty good if you ask me. Our goal for tonight is to run for fifteen minutes and speed walk for fifteen minutes and to walk/run for two miles. It sounds easy, but if you haven’t really been keeping up with your exercise, it’s flippin’ hell to run for 30 minutes straight.

While we were walking, Chelsea talked non stop about the drama at school, the drama at church, the boy that likes her at church, the boy she likes at school, she talked about damn near everything from George W. Bush to her texting conversation with my crush, David. And it wasn’t until I was listening to her talk that I noticed that we talk a like.


Not only do we talk a like, but we think a like too. We talk, think and just ARE alike. Chelsea is my very own, Mini Me.

And I’ve got to say that having a Mini Me, rocks out!

It’s so funny, because we share a lot of the same qualities, the same likes and dislikes and we also share the same crush.

You see, Chelsea has had a crush on David since she was 8. She’s now 12 and the crush is still going strong. It’s funny because the night when I beaned Trish in the eye with a raquetball, she asked me if she could borrow one of my phones (because you know I have two damn cell phones) to text her friend, I left it without hesitation, I knew that Chels has a good head on her shoulders and I trust her to not go overboard.

So imagine my surprise when a couple of days later, I’m checking my text logs and I see a bunch of texts from myself to David. I’m looking through them and she’s laying on the bed beside me, reading the second book in the Shopaholic Series by Sophia Kinsella, (she’s become a reader too, she’s loving this series and is eyeing Can You Keep A Secret to read after this series, she is SO her Auntie’s niece…LOL) and I ask her…

“Chels did you text David on Friday night?”

She puts her book down and by now she’s getting redder in the cheeks. I lift my eyebrow and she said, “He said he loves me.”

To which I start howling with laughter. Because, not only does she share a weakness for books like me (which is something she just discovered about herself) she also shares a weakness for happy endings and she’s already painted her happy ending portrait and hung it to dry. The girl is nuts.

She goes on to tell me that her and David were texting on Friday night and he’s going to bring her another fork to replace the fork he gave her to keep when he left. You see, David used to come to my house all the time when he lived here and he was always leaving stuff here, a shirt, a hat, stuff like that and one time we were eating in the car, eating food his mom packed for us and Therese was driving, so we stopped over at my house to dispose of all of our trash before heading out again, one of the things we dropped in my sink was, his fork. Chelsea treasured that fork, she didn’t use any other fork but that one, washing it after every meal she ate. When her younger brother told David about it, she was embarrassed but David, being the cutie that he is, told her to keep it, it was his gift to her and that before he left on his mission he would get her a plate, a spoon and knife to go with the fork.

She was over the moon.

She has since lost the fork but wanted his promise that he would supply her with another one. I’m telling you, the girl is nuts.

But, I love her because life without Chelsea would most definitely be quite boring.




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