Movie Review: Carolina

12 02 2006

This is a Julia Styles movie.

I thought it was so cute. It’s a bit cheesy and all that, but Jess bought it and told me to check it out because she liked it so I did. The movie is about Julia’s character, Carolina…who comes from a wacky family from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s got two sisters, named after the state they were born in, Maine and Georgia…so you know where she got HER name from and where she was born.

Now the whole movie revolves around Carolina’s life, her family and her relationships. Carolina moves out west and you can totally tell that she’s ashamed of her trailer trash family. Her Grandmother is a kook, her father is a recovering alcoholic who jumps when his mother says to jump, her younger sister is dense and pregnant from a one night stand and her little sister is off in the head, she rides a rocking horse for inspiration to win the lottery and she’s got a hooker Aunt. Carolina is to say the least, the most normal one of the bunch. She’s the only one with a steady job, she doesn’t cling to her white trash background and tries her best to make her family act right. She’s got a best friend named Albert who actually is her next door neighbor and who is secretly in love with her. Albert writes under a female name, romance novels. He’s an accomplished writer in the romance genre too, but he keeps his real name mum.

Into the picture comes, Heath. Who is this brilliant British guy, who’s accomplished and everything a woman dreams of, sexy, rich and British. They start dating and immediately hit it off, then she invites him to meet the family…then after meeting her crazy, wacky family the fool disappears.

The story is cute, funny and sometimes deep. It shows the Grandmother’s relationship with her grandchildren and how close and important she is in their lives…it was great to see Julia’s character evolve from the frightened, trying to impress everyone girl at the beginning to the eyes wide open, take on the world and keep her family together woman at the end.

I recommend this movie to all of the romantic saps out there…(all 3 of you! LOL)




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