Swing Low, Sweet Chariot..

13 02 2006

…or whatever the heck the English National Anthem says. Do they swing low or swing high in their sweet chariot? I can never remember…

The England Rugby 7’s Team won the entire tournament that I went to this weekend. Great heaps of fun I had this weekend, with just me and flippin’ Jess. So many people had told us that they wanted to go with us, so many people promised us that they WOULD go with us and NONE of them showed. Which didn’t bother Jess and I in the least, because we still had a blast and enjoyed the tournament, met some new tournament friends, greeted and hung out with old tournament friends (was surprised to see some of our New Zealand friends from the first year that remembered us, we felt oh so special). I even ran into my sister’s Father in Law, who flew in from Spring, TX just to watch the rugby tournament for the day. It was all kinds of fun.

I didn’t get to go to the tournament on Sunday, so I had to read about England taking the tournament, Argentina winning the plate and Scotland winning the bowl. These are all teams that I cheered my butt off for on Saturday, so I was happy…I knew Manu Samoa wasn’t going to win anything, they always disappoint me every year….so I was surprised that they lost to Scotland. BLEH, whatever.

Dude, gotta give some props to all the hotties of the tournament: Cory Jane and the Maher kid from New Zealand, Olo Brown from Scotland, Nils Mordt from England, Christoff Strubin from Canada, Francisco Bosch from Argentina and a whole sleuth of other hotties that had me and Jess drooling throughout the entire day. Cory Jane was tight during the NZ/Australia match, man he got rocked though, picked up and thrown, but he made up for it with his brilliant try at the end of the game which tied up the game just before the match ended…gosh, good stuff..wish rugby was bigger here in the states, but I’m kinda glad that only me and Jess know about all the rugby goodness that comes to us once a year (well in our part of the world)…LOVE IT!

But there is one thing that bothers me SO much about Americans.

I love America, I am proud to be American. I was born and raised here and even though I’m Samoan, I take pride in my culture and my heritage but I also have my American culture that I absolutely love. I love American sports (okay not as much as I love rugby and overseas soccer, but still), I love different American cities and every time I hear our National Anthem being sung somewhere (whether Leann Rimes is singing it or a bunch of Kindergarten kids singing it at my daughter’s school) I ALWAYS tear up. Every time I watch movies like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, I’m just so damn proud to be American. I support all American sports, regardless of what they are, simply because I’m American.

I wish everyone felt the same way I did about being American.

At the tournament this weekend, it struck me as odd that not all of the Americans sitting there in that big ass stadium don’t support the US Rugby team as much as they should. It’s okay to live here, it’s okay to be apart of the American communities, but it is NOT okay for them to cheer on their own countrymen? Most everyone was cheering AGAINST the US..people that I know, have known since I was a little kid, were cheering AGAINST the US and that really bothers me, because where’s their sense of loyalty to the place they call home. I was so ashamed as I sat there, cheering my heart out for the US Team, even though I knew they weren’t the best team at the tournament, even though I knew they didn’t have a prayer of winning some of the matches they played, it didn’t stop me from supporting THEM. I may have a thing for the England team and the New Zealand team, hell even the flippin’ Scotland team, but when those teams played the US Team, I cheered for the US Team…it’s what you do. You cheer for your home team.

Jess is guilty of cheering against the US Rugby team and man I don’t know if she does it to piss me off because she knows that shit like that pisses me off, but man she automatically cheers for whoever the US team is playing against. On Saturday we got into a big ass tiff at the games, because while the US was playing the West Indies team, she was cheering so hot damn loud for the WI’s team. I was flabbergasted, Jess, who couldn’t tell you where the hell the WI’s are, was acting like their damn #1 supporter, cheering against the men that were playing for the country she calls home, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s got all these other people that we know, cheering for the WI’s team right along with her. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, they were BOOING the friggin’ US team and I sat there with my jaw hanging down, wondering why on earth they lived here if they hate the rugby team so much.

If you aint gonna cheer on your own countrymen, get the hell out of Dodge. I was so ashamed that Jess, who is the typical American girl, living the American dream was out there booing people that shared the same home as her, cheering for people she knew nothing about, all because they were playing against America…

All of those Americans who were at the games this weekend, booing the American team, cheering on other teams when they played against the US, should be shot.

The whole friggin’ lot of them….including Jess. LOL.




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