A Bit of Randomness.

14 02 2006

Saw this on Grace’s Blog and thought it would be cool to do on here, so I’m totally stealing it and being random since I wasn’t creative enough today to think of something to blog about…LOL.

The Last…

* Time I went shopping: Last weekend in Colorado, by myself.
* Item of clothing I bought: Some cute dressy sandals from the Tommy Hillfiger Outlet in Loveland.
* Meal I had: My sister made steak, baked potatoes and salad for dinner today, YUMMY.
* Blog I read: Random Thoughts of a Shoeaholic, Grace’s Blog.

I’m currently…

* Wearing: A dark gray thermal shirt with my dark blue Old Navy pajama bottoms and some warm socks.
* Reading: The Solomon Sisters by Melissa Senate, so far, I’m liking it.
* Listening to: Better Together by Jack Johnson.
* Sitting on my desk: My Spin Cycle book, my phone, my glasses, Brenna’s soccer trophy and a bunch of other junk that shouldn’t be here in the first place.
* Browsing: Looking for some new Hottie of the Week material for our BB, saving the pictures I’ve found to my picture account, checking different blogs, myspace, etc.
* Wishing for: A marriage to a very rich man who loves to spend money on buying me whatever I want, from the latest Kate Spade bag to all the books on my TBR pile and those shoes that I wanted to get but couldn’t afford when I was in Colorado, hey, I dream big…LOL.

The Next..

* Book on my TBR: Talk Nerdy to Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson and Take A Chance On Me by Susan Donovan and some other stuff.
* Concert I’m dying to go to: Jack Johnson.
* Pair of shoes on the list: A new pair of Nike tennis shoes, need some new running shoes.
* Movie I’m anxious to see: Annapolis, Running Scared, 8 Below and ummm, another one that just popped out of my mind, damn.




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