Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson.

16 02 2006

Hero: Quinn McIntyre
Heroine: Lucy Rothschild
Grade: A-
Date: 2/5/06

Okay, so reading is a big part of my life, especially reading romance novels. I’ve been reading book after book for the last 8 years. I’ve turned into a big nerd, because not only has my speech been rewarded by my reading, thanks in a large part to my vocabulary being enhanced by reading and learning so many things in these books. I’m very passionate about my reading, I don’t read nearly as much as my friend Holly does, but I can assure that I can knock back a few books.

The written word is my friend and I love it to death.

Rachel Gibson was introduced to me last year by my very good friend, Holly. I want to thank her publicly for doing so because I have spent some really great hours reading her books instead of getting the much needed rest I should have gotten. But I couldn’t care less about the loss sleep because she introduced me to Luc Martineau, Rob Sutton, Nick Allegrezza and Dylan Taber. A hotter bunch, you’ll be hard pressed to find. I have been entertained and hooked on RG’s heroes since the first RG book I picked up and her latest book, Sex, Lies and Online Dating is no exception.

SEX . . .
What is it about men anyway? Bad cars, bad jobs, even bad teeth — nothing convinces them that they can’t snare a Size Two Babe with a D-cup chest. And after way too many internet dates with men named “luvstick” and “bigdaddy182,” Lucy Rothschild should know. LIES . . .

But sitting across from her now is “hardluvnman,” and he seems different — sensitive, honest, and hot! He says he’s a plumber, while Lucy claims she’s a nurse! She’s really a mystery writer, dating online while researching her next book. Hey, everyone lies a little, don’t they? AND ONLINE DATING . . .

But Quinn’s really an undercover cop hunting down a serial killer, and he sees Lucy as his top suspect. And while he could really go for this smart, sexy woman with the killer bod — if that’s the only thing “killer” about her — he knows he needs to wine and dine her and discover the truth. Hey, he realizes the dating scene can be deadly — but this is ridiculous!

Quinn McIntyre is an undercover detective for the Boise Police Department and he’s out to find a serial killer who they’ve named Breathless, Breathless is killing the men she dates by suffocating them in their own bed. The police think that she’s meeting all of her victims online. So Quinn has gone on an online dating spree in hopes of catching Breathless’ attention and drawing her out.

This is how he met, Lucy Rothschild, a mystery author who is researching her latest book. Her latest book is about a serial killer who is meeting her victims in online chat rooms and she’s, yep, you’ve got it, suffocating them in their own beds.

When Quinn meets Lucy for the first time, the sparks fly (of course they do, it’s a romance novel) but after a few minutes of conversation with Lucy, Quinn realizes two things almost at once.

1) Lucy knows a WHOLE lot about killing someone.


2) Lucy is just about the hottest woman he’s seen in a very long time.

After he realizes these two things, he is immediately furious with himself because Lucy has just moved up on their very short list of suspects, in fact, she moved right into the number one suspect. She knows just a little too much about the killings, things only the killer would know. Quinn is hardpressed to fight the attraction that is simmering just beneath the surface between him and Lucy. It gets pretty cliched, where he thinks she’s the killer and she thinks she’s in love with him but she’s just a job to him, but none of that evens matter to me because Quinn is hot and the chemistry between him and Lucy is cute to read about.

This book is really good. I recommend it to anyone that wants something to make them laugh and entertain them for a few hours, this was a sure winner for me.




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