Eye Candy Friday: Jeremy Bloom.

17 02 2006

Jeremy Bloom

He may not have won a medal in this Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy but that doesn’t take away from the hotness that is Colorado’s Jeremy Bloom. Even though he didn’t win anything this year, I thought he did an awesome job and I’m giving him the honor of being Dylan’s Eye Candy Friday Pick of the Week.

I don’t really have a story about him or whatever, but remember when I was in Colorado the other weekend? He was born in Fort Collins which was the next town over from where I was staying, but he LIVES in Loveland, which is the town that I stayed in, I’m so moving in with my sister just so I can become a professional Jeremy Bloom stalker, cause this man is just too hot to trot.

Now enough writing, here’s some pictures for you guys to enjoy on this Happy Friday!

This man is all that and then some and quite frankly, he should receive a gold medal for his looks alone. I wonder though, if he’s one of those hot guys who knows he’s hot, or if he’s one of those hot guys who’s so oblivious to the fact that he’s hot, because a humble hot guy is so much hotter. What do you ladies think?

Happy Friday to me!




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