Because I Love You…

27 02 2006

…a friend of mine is in a relationship that started out way great and is now, not so great. Her boyfriend is an alcoholic, he drinks all the time and he’s not a social drinker either, he drinks to get drunk and it’s really not attractive at all. Even more though, is that he’s a voilent drunk and she told me that a look comes into his eye when she tells him that he’s had enough to drink, he hasn’t hit her, but I can tell that it’s only a matter of time before he does.

And she’s scared.

I keep telling her to dump him, if she loved him and he’s treating her like a two bit skank, then maybe a wake up call is in order.

I agree with her that her boyfriend is a really sweet guy, because he is. He has his moments, he’s really good with kids, he’s got a good head on his shoulder when he bothers to use his head at all, but does all of those good traits make up for the very real possibility that he might turn on her and hit her in a drunken rage?

She has no idea why he feels the need to drink so much, but he does. He drinks all the time with his friends, who come over to their house. They ALWAYS get loud and the night always ends up in a screaming match because she hides the alcohol as soon as she thinks he had enough. When he’s drunk, he doesn’t care who’s around, he’ll yell at her, belittle her and just make her out to be this really big bitch, when in truth she’s only trying to help him out.

“Because I love him,”

That seems to be her answer to the “Why don’t you leave him?” question I ask her everytime she gripes about her relationship. She’s a young woman, who is decent looking and can do way better than her boyfriend, but she stays because she, “loves” him.

Is it enough to stay in a horrible relationship because you love them?




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