MTV: The Real World: Key West.

1 03 2006

So, last night I was watching American Idol, but nobody was wowing me so I turned it over to my other must see channel, MTV and the casting special for the newest Real World was just about starting, I left it there while I scribbled in my planner about how many people Brenna wanted to come over for her little birthday get together on Friday night.

I haven’t been in the know about the latest group of 7 picked to live in a house, where they stop being polite and start getting real, the real world but as I tried to tune out the noise that was the TV and read my book, Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann, I couldn’t help glancing up at the television screen and laughing at some of the things one of the room mates, John did on his audition tape, the dude actually dressed up as Scooby Doo and goofed around. I instantly began crushing on him, what a cutie pie he is and dude, I just found him on myspace. I swear I wasn’t internet stalking him, I swear it.

This season’s bunch seemed pretty tame, doesn’t look like too much will be happening, or so I thought.

By the time the actual show started, my book was long forgotten and I was sitting up on the couch with my blanket snuggled around me. My eyes were glued to the TV and I knew without a doubt that I would once again be glued to the TV every Tuesday night for this season, just like I was, last season…

The show started with Hurricane Katrina holding up the room mates from actually meeting. The roads were horrible, the weather was fierce and no one could travel anywhere. So, after all that crap, they finally get to be on their way to their luxurious house and meet their other fab room mates.

My crush, John meets up with the house diva, Janelle and they converse and meet up with the other room mate, Zack. Zack totally reminds me of Seth Cohen from the O.C. just not as lean but uber cute with his little jew fro and happy go lucky personality. Everyone’s getting along and they all board a boat, yacht or whatever and they sail off to their new house and then we see Tyler meet up with the house “slut”, the Russian girl, Svetlana. They’re flying over to their new house and she’s having issues with that, I guess home girl is scared of flying little planes, but whatever she gets her happy ass on that plane and they take off. Then Paula, the house blonde meets up with Jose, who is another cutie (not usually my type, but dude this Latino is cutie) and room mate. They meet up in Miami and are given the task of driving the house car over to their new home, everything is fine, they all meet up at the house which is as always, INCREDIBLE and they all just laugh, talk, get to know each other.

That night, they all go out bar hopping or whatever and we discover that Paula has an eating disorder…blah! She’s crying because John is cracking jokes about how she needs to feed her body and then he’s flirting with Svetlana and she looks like she gets jealous so she’s outside and pretty boy, Zack comes to the rescue.

The whole show was decent, I guess for a season premiere but it was funny how at the beginning of the show, I was hella crushing on John but by the show’s end, I had switched camps and have developed a soft spot for Zack.

I can’t wait til next week to see what happens then…woo hoo!!

Izzy, say you’ll watch this show with me, say you will???? I need a gushing partner dammit!




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