My Coworkers Love Me…

1 03 2006

…they seriously do and pretty soon, it’s going to kill me.

I’m the youngest employee that works in my building, and not to pop my own collar or whatever but I’m quite popular in the halls of my building. I’m always getting stopped to chit chat in the halls and even though I suck ass at small talk, people just like to talk to me, I guess.

This being popular thing can be a good thing, like I get free lunch at least twice a week, people get back to me on things that will usually take others twice as long to get, and I can’t forget all of the neat little gifts that come pouring into my office when other co workers go on vacation, they never forget me. I usually enjoy the benefits of my status here at work but with everything where there are ups, there are most definitely some downs.

Today, I received some downs to my status here at work.

I get gifts from everyone, if something gets a cute purse as a gift and it’s not to their liking, they’ll bring it into the office and see if I like it because they know that I’ve got a thing for purses and handbags and they’ll just flat out give it to me and I really don’t mind those gifts, because with all the traffic that I get in my office, there’s always someone willing to part with something that’s just “perfect” for me, or so they say. I’m all about freebies, bring them on.

But today, I come into my office and I’m booting up my computer when I get a call from my friend who is down the hall. She wants me to come over to her office because her sister bought her some stuff that are too small for her and she wants to know if I want them, so with a quickness I ran to her office.

Now, my office gets pretty hoppin’ throughout the day, heaps of people come out to talk and shoot the breeze with me some time, but my office is nothing compared to my friend, B’s office. Her office is meeting ground central. Everyone meets at B’s office for breaks, lunch dates, whatever, her office is dubbed the party office! She’s just the sweetest person, she’s also not that older than me, maybe 4 years older or whatever and really, I’m a happy go lucky, go with the flow kind of girl, nothing really can happen that will disrupt that.

Until today.

So, I’m walking down the hall and I notice that Tapered is standing outside B’s office and tells her that he’ll be right back, he rushes down the hall and disappears, I shrug and step into her office.

She beams at me and tells me to sit down, while she reached under her desk and pulled out a bag.

She hands me a Coach shopping bag and my eyes literally popped out with me barely able to contain my excitement, OMGosh, please say she’s going to give me a Coach clutch that she hasn’t used or something, PLEASE!!!!!!

I peer inside the coach bag and start pulling out some cloth like material, thinking, this couldn’t be what I think it is….I pull one out and hold it up in front of me, shocked. It’s Victoria Secrets underwear.

And in my hand, is a thong, a really cute spring floral type thong.

You can’t mistake what I’m holding in my friends office, with the door wide open and I’m immediately embarrassed, I look over at my friend, my confusion aparent on my face.

“What the heck?” I ask.

She laughs and says, “My sister went a little crazy at VS the other week and she gave me some that were too small for her, but those are too small for me too and really, I don’t have any business wearing any of those, so I thought you’d enjoy them. I haven’t worn them or anything, I swear it, but you can totally have those if you want.”

There were at least 8 pairs of different kind of underwear, some were thongs, some were boy cut and some were bikini’s, seeing all of that made me start laughing, I can’t believe it…I thank her and am already planning to shoot myself once I get to my office because, I can’t believe my co workers are now bringing me, UNDERWEAR to work and if my embarrassment wasn’t yet complete, Tapered walked back into the office and I tried, fast to cover what was in my hands, I stuff it back into the Coach bag (that doesn’t have a purse in it dammit) and he bursts out laughing.

“Is that, what I think it is?” He asks, pointing at my bag.

I get up and with one of my playful glowers in his direction, say, “Yes it is and if you don’t want this wrapped around your throat, you will forget you saw this,”

I thanked B and walked out of the office, Tapered’s laughter following me.

Why oh why do all of my embarrassing office moments happen with Tapered around? WHY???? I love my co workers and love that they love me back, but sometimes…I wish they didn’t love me this much.





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