Eye Candy Friday: Jeret Petersen.

3 03 2006
Jeret Peterson.

So, I didn’t follow his sport all that much during this past Winter Olympics but I saw Jeret do an interview with Katie Curic (is that how you spell her name) and thought he was just adorable. So, I’m making him my eye candy for the day..I’m being totally selfish here, I’m trying to keep my mind off of all the money I’m going to be spending this weekend and I’m trying to distract myself from the fact that I’m pissed off at Jess because she had to THINK about either coming to Brenna’s birthday party or to her boss’ daughter’s birthday party which is on the same night…you know Holly, she STILL hasn’t called me back about anything and I refuse to call her, this one is totally on her…so whatever.

Here’s something to cheer me up.

Almost better…yep.




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