3 03 2006

Today is my little girls’ birthday and for her birthday a few months ago, she wanted me to take her and some of her friends, ice skating. I thought, okay cool, that’s something we can all enjoy, well last night she tells my sister that she wants to have a party at Chuck E. Cheeses, I was like, even better! All I would have to do is show up, right? Nice, quick, and cheap…

Yeah the fuck right.

I invited roughly about 10 kids to come tonight and it’s $11 per kid. So that comes out to a whopping $110 before taxes…holy shit! Are you freaking kidding me? Plus, Brenna doesn’t like the cake they serve there, so I have to go and pick up a cake from her favorite bakery down the street from my work and not to mention little party bags for the kids…holy shit, holy shit!

But it’s love when you shut your trap and reserve the tables anyway…*sigh*

The after party is at my brother’s house and I really hope we don’t have to have another intervention at his house (I’ll blog that episode when I get up the nerve to write it out), like we did last week…I mean seriously!

Wish me luck!




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