My Comfort Post.

6 03 2006

Stole this from Grace, thought it was about time I shared my comforts!!

4 for Comfort:

Four Comfort Movies:
1. Troy.
2. Love, Actually.
3. 13 Going on 30.
4. Old School.

Four Comfort Reads:
1. Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.
2. The Wedding by Julie Garwood.
3. Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann.
4. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.

Four Comfort Songs/Artists:
1. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain.
2. Mudfootball by Jack Johnson.
3. Your Man by Josh Turner.
4. Bliss by Mariah Carey.

Four Comfort Foods:
1. Chocolate Milk.
2. Chinese Chicken Salad.
3. Pasta Salad.
4. Chocolate covered Strawberries.

Four People you run to, for Comfort:
1. Grace, Holly and Izzy.
2. Jess.
3. Sisters.
4. Brothers.

Four Places/Things that give you Comfort:
1. Books.
2. Sanctuary Board.
3. The Beach.
4. Friends.

So what are your 4’s for Comfort?




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