Movie Review: 8 Below.

25 03 2006

Inspired by a true story, EIGHT BELOW is an action-adventure about loyalty and the bonds of friendship set in the extreme wilderness of Antarctica. The film tells the story of three members of a scientific expedition: Jerry Shepard, his best friend, Cooper, and a rugged American geologist, who are forced to leave behind their team of beloved sled dogs due to a sudden accident and perilous weather conditions in Antarctica. During the harsh, Antarctic winter, the dogs must struggle for survival alone in the intense frozen wilderness for over 6 months.

This weekend is my niece’s 9th birthday and she wanted to see Paul Walker’s Dog Movie, 8 Below so this morning, we got our 14 kids ready (count that as 14 damn kids under the age of 11) and then we saw the 1:45 showing of 8 Below.

I wasn’t expecting to like this movie at all because I’m not really big on paying to watch kiddie movies, but since this movie had hottie Paul Walker in the movie, I let myself be talked into actually sitting through the movie. I had baby duty again so I was in charge of baby Kainoa during the movie. He fidgeted throughout the movie, but not so much that he spoiled the movie for me and other movie goers.

This movie is about a team of dogs that get left behind. The group of dogs belong to Paul Walker’s character, his name is Jerry Shepherd. Now Jerry Shepherd is a guide that works in the snowy climates of Antartica. He’s got a team of dogs that are his family. There’s I believe 7 dogs and each of them have their own uniqueness about them which I really liked. Mya’s the only girl, she’s Jerry’s favorite, then we’ve got Buck, the wild one, Max the youngest, the twins Truman and the one with the scar, I forgot his name, then there’s Old Jack who’s like 17 years old, (the oldest), and then Shorty. On their last trek through the snowy moutains, the scientist that Paul was guiding almost died three times and each time, one of the dogs saved him. It was really cool too, those dogs were freaking fearless when it came to saving the good ol’ Doctor’s life.

A fierce snowstorm is going to hit the place and they’ve got to book like NOW. They make it back, barely thanks to the dogs. Jerry has hypothermia in his hands which turned a freakish blue, the doctor is barely alive after having fallen through a glacier and got soaked to the bone, Jerry’s got windburn so bad on his face it’s disgusting (not really, because he was still looking good), the dogs are all tired and they have to evacuate the base asap, so they pack everyone into the plane, except the dogs because there’s no room for them. Jerry wants to stay behind because he doesn’t want to leave his dogs behind, but the doctors assure him that they’ll be back to get them in three hours tops. Jerry falls asleep and doesn’t wake up for freaking ever, when he wakes up, he realizes they never went back to get his dogs and he becomes enraged.

He pleads with the big dogs to let him take a plane out to rescue his dogs. His dogs are chained together, so they don’t get away, and Jerry is back in the states trying to raise money to go back and get his dogs, but to no avail. He tries everything that he possibly can but keeps coming up short, his dogs are left on their own for over a hundred days and each day that passes Jerry gets a little more desperate to have them back. By this time, he’s thinking that he already lost his dogs, but because he’s got this huge sense of honor toward the dogs who more than likely have saved his ass one time or another, he wants to see for himself, saying that he owes them that much. As corny as it sounds, it was heartwarming instead.

Because this is a Disney movie, it’s ending wasn’t epic, all the i’s were dotted, all the t’s were neating crossed but it was a great watch. The kids loved it, the adults cried through it and it made me feel good in all the right places so I’m glad that I watched it!

I recommend this movie to all those who want a lighthearted, touching story…about dogs and a hottie named Paul Walker, you won’t be disappointed, at least I wasn’t.




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