Movie Review: High School Musical

27 03 2006

I must have seen this movie at least a dozen times since it’s premiere last month. You would think that I would hate the movie AND the soundtrack since it’s all that my daughter wants to watch or listen to on the radio. You would think that because it’s a cheesy Disney movie that I would absolutely detest it because it’s well….cheesy.

But I don’t.

There is something so catchy in the songs in this movie, something so utterly charming and cutesy about Troy Bolton (the main character guy), maybe it’s because he used to come on one of my favorite shows that got canceled, Summerland. I have no idea what the appeal of this Movie Musical is for me aside from the fact that I really like it. My daughter, really likes it. More often than not, we’re listening to this CD in the car, even when the kids aren’t in there to demand to listen to it, more often then not, you’ll see me bopping my head while I’m listening to the songs on the Ipod or on the computer. And you’re really going to laugh because, I have watched this movie with my daughter, EVERY single time that it’s come on the Disney Channel.

Now you’re really going to laugh your ass off because I can pop and lock just as good as anyone else in this movie, because I watched the Dance a Thon with my daughter and nieces and learned all the dances they taught on there. I can boogie down to the finale dance number of “We’re All In This Together” and I know the dance steps to “Get Your Head in the Game” and I can really get down when Ryan and Sharpay sing and dance to, Bop to the Top (which is muy fabulosa! LOL) and my personal favorite, “What I’ve Been Looking For”.

This Disney Made for TV Movie is a great movie for the little kiddies. It’s like the Grease of their time. It’s cheesy, cute and loads of fun. I’m totally pimping this movie to all of those moms out there who haven’t watched this movie with their kids (of course, I’m assuming your kids are in the age range of 3-12, although when my sister and I went to my 14 year old niece’s softball game for her high school, the entire Varsity Softball Team was sitting on the bench, singing We’re All In This Together at the top of their lungs, so maybe it’s a joy for all ages, cause I’m 25 and I love it as well.)

I swear this movie and the music has swept across the nation, making everyone fall in love with the below average acting and the cheesy lyrics and songs. I know that I have, as Brenna has and every other kid that I’ve come across.

If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out. It’s cute fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as me and Jess did. And if you want, I’ll teach you the dance to We’re All in This Together and Ryan and Sharpay’s songs…those songs rock!




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