Eye Candy Friday: Ian Lawless.

28 04 2006

Ian Lawless.

I need a few pictures to get myself back to my happy go lucky self…I went a little older because I’m feeling a bit R Kellyish and that’s not cool…so here’s a cutie that I absolutely love.

All better.

The God’s Are Listening and They Heard My Prayers!

26 04 2006

….or maybe the writers at One Tree Hill read my blog last week, because tonight’s show was just out of this world, THE BOMB! I mean that seriously because after all of my grieving, I just may be getting what I’ve always wanted….and next week, we’ll find out….oh gosh, I’m just oh so giddy with excitement for what’s to come.

And I love the way they brought all of my dreams to life. I mean, I love that they didn’t go in the direction I THOUGHT they were going to go because I just didn’t want it to end the way it did and this way, if things don’t work out between you know who then she still has that other door to open so right now I’m in OTH heaven, and I can’t really give any details out because GRACE YOU HAVE TO WATCH the show and get back to me so we can gush, I’ll give you until tomorrow (well YOUR tomorrow) and then I’m posting up my blog, spoilers and all….but I’ll keep you in mind, JAZZ YOU TOO! You better watch tonight’s ep of OTH and get at me when you do so we can seriously gush….I NEED IT DAMMIT!

All is going well in my world for the moment, let’s see if they keep me happy on that count!

YEE HAW….until I hear that Grace and Jazz have watched the show, I’m signing off…will be back to the regular blogness stuff tomorrow.


P.S. Yeah I know the picture aint got nothing to do with why I’m so happy about the show and this post will probably not make a lick of sense to those of you who don’t watch OTH but well, it’s my blog and I do what I want….LOL.

TV: Yo Momma.

25 04 2006

Yo Momma is a no-holds-barred competition that pits toughest trash-talkers against one another. Each weekday, the best clowners are brought together to battle it out in front of a rowdy, live audience of their peers.

Each episode serves to resolve a territorial rivalry, each side of which is represented by a team of trash-talkers.

Wilmer sends out his co-hosts to organize two groups that represent each side of the rivalry to meet up at separate locations.

Sam and Jason oversee the separate free-form trash-talking in their respective locations.

Two finalists from each group are chosen to go head-to-head to determine who will represent the group in the Final Battle.

Wilmer escorts the winning trash-talker from each group to their opponent’s home for a ‘home invasion’ segment. Wilmer and each finalist go through the other’s home to meet the families, raid their closets, flip through old photo albums and root out any possible ‘ammunition’ for the final battle, ensuring that the battle will be personal.

The two finalists, with their posses in tow, meet up at a battleground in neutral territory for the final bout.

The opponents face off in a round robin of trash-talking, using the ammunition from their home searches to attack their opponent.

Wilmer officiates, using Sam and Jason to help determine an official winner.

Okay, so I hella love to watch my brother and his friends have comedy battles with each other, or “clown fests” as they would call them. A clown fest is kind of like a rap battle, but instead of battling lyrical content, they battle their quick wits and sharp cracks at each others styles, moms and anything else they can find to make fun of. I’ve always loved to listen to my brother and his friends argue with each other because you will always hear the, “Yo Momma so fat, she bleeds Ragu.” Or the “Yo Mama lips so big, she whispers to herself!” and other jokes similar to those that never fail to make me howl with laughter until my sides hurt.

So when I first heard that Wilmer Valderama, best known as Fez on That 70s Show was coming out with his own comedic competition show and it was going to be straight up Yo Momma stuff, you know I was all over that show.

It’s like this, the show comes on every afternoon and then on Fridays I guess, the winners from Mon-Thurs, battle each other and then the top 2 battle each other and whoever wins the big battle, they win bragging rights plus an extra $1000 in CASH MONEY (the way Fez says this is sooo gay) for themselves.

The show is hilarious, some guys are horrible but others like Bruno and D Redd can have you in fits of laughter while they bag on everybody. The show is so stupid, but so addictive that my dumb ass (as well as everyone in my family AND circle of friends) watches this show and talks this show up, I’m totally pimping this show out to those of you guys who love a laugh…and check out Jason, one of the judges, because he’s all kinds of fine….

Quick Gush.

25 04 2006

I got my phone last night and I’m hecka loving it right now. It’s so cool and has so many neat features. I haven’t uploaded any songs onto my Itunes on the phone but oh gosh I’m looking forward to doing just that today after work.

Dude, it’s like a mini phone/ipod/what’s those things called like an electronic day planner? I swear it’s like the tiniest little laptop in all the world, it’s THAT neat. I’m hecka loving it, I played with it all last night, getting acquainted with my new phone, oh gosh this phone is all kinds of the bomb!

Ya’ll should totally get one, because like McDonald’s badabababa….I’m LOVING IT! LOL.

Alright, I’ll be back with more blogness.


Movie Review: Rent.

24 04 2006

Starring: Rosario Dawson, Taye Diggs, Adam Pascal, Jesse L. Martin, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Idina Menzel, Tracie Thoms..
Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
Rating: PG-13
Dylan’s Grade: Movie- C Music- A.

In New York’s East Village, a group of bohemians struggle to express themselves through their art and strive for success and acceptance while enduring the obstacles of poverty, illness and the AIDS epidemic. Roger is an aspiring songwriter who has emotionally shut down after his girlfriend’s suicide. Despite his attraction, he is reluctant to start a new romance with his downstairs neighbor Mimi Marquez, an exotic dancer struggling with “baggage of her own.” Roger’s roommate Mark is a filmmaker trying to balance art and commerce. His girlfriend Maureen, a self-indulgent performance artist, recently left him for a lawyer named Joanne. Also part of this close-knit circle is Tom Collins, a professor of philosophy who, after being mugged, is rescued by his soul mate, a high-spirited street drummer, Angel Shunard. Benny, who alienated his friends after he married their landlord’s daughter, has reneged on his promise to provide rent-free artist space to his bohemian friends. Once a close friend, he is now viewed as the enemy, threatening them with eviction.

I gave this movie a C as a movie and I think it’s kind of retarded because if I didn’t care for the movie (which the first time I watched it, I didn’t care for it at all, funky I know), why have I watched the movie so many times already? I mean, the first time I watched it, I was by myself and the movie kind of dragged, I was confused by all the singing and them talking and so it was really hard to follow, but once I got what the whole movie was about (yeah I was real ignorant about this movie, didn’t even know that it was about gays and AIDS, but it is), I started liking it more and more.

And once I got the whole concept of the movie, I started listening to the songs and fell in love with all of the songs. I’m so in love with the music from this musical that I went out and bought the soundtrack to this movie and I play it while I’m cleaning my house, while I’m driving to work or the store or whatever, I’m ALWAYS listening to it and what’s worst is that I’ve got all of my kids (my nieces and nephews) singing along to the songs as well.

My nephew Chase, who is 3 was walking around the house yesterday singing, “We will not pay rent, we will not pay rent, rent rent rent!” It was adorable, because really what does he know about rent? LOL.

But back to the movie…I’m thinking I should change the grade to this movie because after a few watches, I DID enjoy the movie, I did cry like crazy the second time i watched it, even though I knew what was coming and I really did enjoy the music, the cast (OMGosh I’m hecka crushing on Adam Pascal, who plays Roger in here) and dude, who knew Rosario Dawson could sing? And Jesse L. Martin and Taye Diggs as well…I was really shocked at how good they were, I LOVED Rosario’s voice in this movie.

The movie is touching and the characters were great. But I guess I’m going to keep the grade at what it is because I, myself couldn’t really relate to the characters, why would you choose or WANT to live on that street? The whole block was frickin’ dirty and not at all something I would want to call home. When I think of home, I think of something along the lines of, nice, clean and inviting. You can’t use any of those words to describe the place that those people live in. And they choose to live there. But to each, their own I guess.

The whole AIDS thing was something I never really thought about but it did raise a bunch of questions that I have dwelled on and have given lots of thought too. I’ve never really paid too much attention to the gays and lesbians around me either, gosh I sound so flippin’ superficial but even now, I can’t really say that I’m bothered too much by the whole Gay Movement, whatever, do your thing, so I guess that’s why the movie was just good to me. But the music? Off the chains! Although, only me and my nieces seem to think so.

Jess thinks I’ve gone crazy but I would definitely pimp this movie out, if only for the music.

Eye Candy Friday: Jeret Petersen.

24 04 2006
Jeret Peterson.

So, I didn’t follow his sport all that much during this past Winter Olympics but I saw Jeret do an interview with Katie Curic (is that how you spell her name) and thought he was just adorable. So, I’m making him my eye candy for the day..I’m being totally selfish here, I’m trying to keep my mind off of all the money I’m going to be spending this weekend and I’m trying to distract myself from the fact that I’m pissed off at Jess because she had to THINK about either coming to Brenna’s birthday party or to her boss’ daughter’s birthday party which is on the same night…you know Holly, she STILL hasn’t called me back about anything and I refuse to call her, this one is totally on her…so whatever.

Here’s something to cheer me up.

Almost better…yep.

Tales of Alema, Part 2.

22 04 2006

Okay, so I’m typing this post out as I’m talking to Alema and Jessica on the phone and I’m just about baffled at the thoughts that go through his head. The guy is on serious crack.

So, Jess and I are talking as we usually do while we work and she’s like, “Hold on,” which could only mean, one thing. Alema is calling her on the other line so she’s going to connect our calls.

So, she clicks back over and I’m like, “Hi Alema,”

To which he replies, “Damn Dee, give me your work phone number so that I can call your boss and tell him that you don’t ever work, all you do is talk to Jessica on the phone.”

He says some other things that make me roll my eyes and then chuckle and then I ask him, where he’s at.

“Oh it’s payday, hello???? Where you think I’m at, I’m across the street at McDonald’s. I just ordered my food, so I’m going to eat good today, woo hoo!” (He really did say woo hoo, frickin’ fruit cake, I tell you, but I love the fool!)

So, a few minutes of us chatting, while he’s waiting for his food to made, we hear a girl approach him and he says, “Oh hey girl, what’s up?”

Now, both Jess and I can’t hear what the girl is saying, but he’s saying the usual fake, “uh huh” and “oh serious?” and then there’s a pause and both Jessica and I are trying to make out what the girl is saying, you can hear the fear in her voice so we’re working double time to hear what she says, and I hear, “Can you walk me to my apartment across the street because I think I just saw someone break into my apartment and I’m scared.”

And so both Jess and I figured, Alema would go with her.

Oh hell no, the stupid fat ass sighs, one of those drawn out sighs that totally says, he can’t be bothered right now and then says to the poor girl, “Right now? Because I just ordered my food.”




It appears the girl who asked him to walk her home, is a girl from his ward and SHE LIVES ACROSS THE STREET from where he is right now and she needs someone to walk with her into her house because she thinks someone just broke into her apartment and he says, “Well, if he’s already in there, it’s dangerous to go in there, so just give him a couple of minutes and let me eat and then after I eat, I guess we can go see what’s going on.”





Ladies, please…don’t ever ask Alema to walk you ANYWHERE, LOL. So of course, Jess and I immediately start reeming him for making the girl wait to go home. And this is his whole theory.

Jess: “Alema, are you seriously going to make that poor girl wait to go home because your food isn’t ready?”
Me: “I know Alema, do you know what you sound like right now? A fat ASS. I can’t believe you’re going to do that to her, she sounds all scared and you want to wait to eat your frickin’ fries before you help her out.”
Alema: “What the hell? This is how I see things, no one ever comes between me and my food. You can rob me, take my car, take clothes off my back, but don’t ever come between me and my food, because I will get ugly on your behind, please believe this. And plus, what are we going to do there right now, if the guy is in her apartment right now, do you see how beautiful I am? I aint going to let him get anywhere near this, I’m too prettyful.” Then he laughs and says, “it’s just dumb to go to her house right now if some guy is really in there, she’s got renter’s insurance so if someone did break into her house, whatever they took can be replaced, but I’m not going to endanger my life or hers just because she wants to go and play Wonderwoman and catch the bad guys, please.

And mind you, he’s saying all of this right in front of the girl, because you can hear her speaking up in her defense, “Oh no Alema, I don’t want to catch him but you’re right, let’s wait a little bit before we go over there.”

“See, what did I tell you? I’m right.”

Oh whatever, Alema…the real reason you didn’t want to go and help the poor girl is because your Big Mac was waiting for you.


*sigh* The guy is seriously retarded, but even after all of that, I still love the big boof!

Eye Candy Friday: Channing Tatum.

21 04 2006

Channing Tatum.

So, you guys should already know that I’m one fickle woman when it comes to hot men. I like them all dammit. It’s an addiction, I tell ya. Truly sick and since I’ve seen She’s the Man I must have watched Coach Carter at least three times, just so that I can catch wind and sight of the most handsome, Channing Tatum.

What’s not to love about the guy though? I mean, he’s got those smoldering eyes that matches perfectly with those sinful lips of his. I just want to eat him up, he was hot as Jason Lyle in Coach Carter but he was just downright scrumptious is She’s the Man, his character plus his super good looks just totally took him over the top of the Hotness Jar.

He gets a straight up 20 out of a possible 10. The guy is scrumdiddilyumptious! So without further adeu, here’s the pictures…

I Shouldn’t Play Hookie Anymore…

20 04 2006

Because I do stupid things when I’m home alone.

So I did something today that wasn’t exactly planned. I mean, I bought a new phone for Jess yesterday (I got her a Razor) and she’s all excited to get her new phone because seriously, her phone sucks ass but she never has the money to buy herself a new phone, I decided to surprise her with a new phone, except I told stupid Alema that I bought her a phone and she should be getting it next week, I even called T Mobile and pretended I was her and upgraded her phone and the stupid jerk spilled the beans last night while we were talking on the phone.

So anyway, all yesterday and last night I spent looking for my cell phone, but for the life of me I couldn’t find it and when I STILL couldn’t find it this morning, I decided that the phone is a piece of shit anyway (the camera doesn’t work and lately it’ll just turn off by itself and a blue screen will pop up and then it’ll just start vibrating like crazy) and decided to treat myself to a new phone, so being the happy camper that I am, I jump on Cingular.com and start browsing through phones, I come across the Razor phone and think, wow it would be really nice to have that phone and it was $20 cheaper than the Razor I bought for Jess, but I’m thinking, no I don’t want the same phone as Jess and I’m thinking to myself, I don’t have an Ipod but I want one and if I get the SLVR, I can have an Ipod AND a new phone, so guess what I did?

I spent $199 on a new SLVR.

I know, I know…I can’t believe I bought it either, but seriously? I’m all kinds of excited to get it in the mail! LOL. YAY.

My Letter to One Tree Hill.

20 04 2006

Dear Writers of One Tree Hill,

Thank you for making so addicted to your show that even when I swear I’ll never watch it again, you make a liar out of me by bringing Jake back, FORCING me to watch it.

You know that I’m leading the wagon for Payton and Lucas but I was only leading that wagon since I didn’t think Jake was EVER going to come back since I thought he was off kissing Uma Thurman in big shot movies like Prime and making others like it.

My question is this: Are you bringing Jake back for good? Or are you just bringing him back for a couple of episodes, giving me false hopes of a true happily ever after for Payton? Payton deserves to have someone to love and love her in return. She shouldn’t be jumping from one guy to the next because if anyone needed someone constant in her life it would be Payton Sawyer.

I mean look at her background. She comes from a broken family, her mother died when she was younger, her father is a sailing maniac who is always sailing the high seas to make the big bank that keeps food in Payton’s belly and clothes on her back and although she’s very grateful to him for that, she’s also left unprotected and all alone for weeks, months at a time. She was lonely when we first met her in the first season and then you gave her, Lucas. She had someone in her corner when Lucas was in her life and then you let her best friend, take the one person she loved away from her, you took away her lobster, but then I forgave you for taking Lucas away from her because you gave her Jake AND Jenny. You gave her a fresh start with someone who truly did love her and care for her but then you broke her heart as well as mine, when you sent Jake away, so that he could keep custody of his baby, breaking Payton’s heart all over again because once again, she’s left all alone. Is it any reason, her motto is, “They Always Leave?” She had a short relationship with her birth mother who died a few episodes ago, so she doesn’t even have Ellie to turn to, to ease the loneliness she suffers from. You guys keep giving her hope, thinking that things will turn out better for her and then you snatch her happiness away from her without a second glance. Don’t you think she’s had enough?

Don’t you think that she deserves a little bit of the happiness we see between Nathan and Haley? I mean, why is it that when Payton had Nathan, he was one big asshole to match his father? Why couldn’t Payton been with the Nathan we see and love now? Although, I’ve got to admit that I absolutely LOVED the whole little twist on the show you did tonight, the whole Nathan quotes at the beginning and the end of the show was really sweet, it was so sweet to see Nathan’s sensitive side and when he got stitched up and came back out wearing his BROTHERS jersey? I about sighed with contentment because I’ve been waiting so long for those two to finally act like the brothers they really are. So I aint mad at you for that, BUT can Payton taste a bit of happiness sometime without hurting someone?

I saw in the previews that you have Lucas admitting his love for Payton and them kissing at Nathan and Haley’s wedding.


When are you going to put me out of my misery and choose ONE mate for this poor girl who is STARVING to have something that belongs to her and her alone. Why can’t Payton have someone to call her own, without sharing him with someone else? I mean, to share Jake with Jenny is one thing, that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing, but if Jake is going to be popping in and out of the show like popcorn? Or is he going to come back and make an honest woman out of Payton? Because, if you’re not going to have Lucas end up with Payton (which I swear you’re kicking that poor horse to death, because seriously? Does Lucas really love her or what? The suspense is enough to drive me batty for two years!) then PLEASE, have Jake come back and be with her. Let Jake and Payton play house with Jenny. Let Payton finally taste what it’s like to be truly happy with the man she loves and I guess I’d lay all of my hopes and dreams of seeing Payton and Lucas to rest.

Lucas and Payton is really where my heart lays BUT Jake is my other pick for Payton. He’s really the best guy because he’s fighting to keep Jenny in his life and even though his life isn’t exactly how he planned for it to be, he’s trying and OMGosh when I saw him playing the guitar and singing the song he wrote for Payton, I was seriously going to start sobbing because I seriously love Jake.


Please oh great writers of this great show, please put me out of my misery and have Payton choose ONE guy to love and hold and cherish for the rest of eternity with, please don’t turn Payton into a hooch like her best friend, Brooke (love you Sophia).

As a side note, I have to say that I really enjoyed tonight’s episode of One Tree Hill. Loved that Nathan finally got to sock it to that stupid chump from the other basketball team. I was even glad to see that Dan’s got a heart, even if it’s charred black and buried deep inside all of the fat that is his chest. I was glad that Dan finally got to see how real Haley’s love for Nathan is. Now I just wish I could witness his downfall, it was great to see Hottie Uncle Cooper back for some action with Rachel even though I was GROSSED the hell out when he caved and devoured her at the end of the show, KNOWING how young she is, YUCK! I missed Lucas in this episode but from the looks of next show, it looks REALLY good so I’ll be tuning in. Thanks for letting Mouth have his say in the whole Rachel/Cooper thing, I really like Mouth and a big THANK YOU for letting Whitey get his championship thingy and gosh thank you too for letting Nathan finally have the game of his life and gosh just desserts were served to Dan because since he was so evil to everyone in his family, he was robbed of the opportunity to see Nathan in action, HAHAHAHAHA, I loved that bit a whole bunch!

All in all, I’d say keep up the good job BUT you’re killing me with the whole Payton thing, I’m a big Payton fan so please take care of her and her heart…I don’t think my heart can take any more breaks on Payton’s behalf, so please, be gentle! AND QUIT MAKING HER THE BAD FRIEND, BROOKE IS THE BAD FRIEND DAMMIT TO HELL AND BACK!

Alright, have a good day and please let’s do this again next season, will ya?

A devoted (even if by force) fan of One Tree Hill.