My Weekend.

10 04 2006

This weekend was pretty tame, compared to last week’s weekend but it was fun nonetheless.

Friday night– I went to a Quixtar meeting at Jessica’s because her older sister is ALL about those things these days and she needed help so me being the best friend of the younger sister, I got roped into serving food and serving as a seat filler, should people not show up to this thing. And let me tell you something, one of the main guys in Jess’ sisters Upline has a house that is just sick with it. He’s got a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom house with a tennis court, an indoor basketball court, with an indoor pool as well, there’s a sauna up in the mix along with four out of this world cars parked in his garage that looks more like a warehouse then anything else. My eyes about popped out my sockets when they were showing us pictures of his house. I would have been skeptical about everything had Jess’ sister not been to the palace herself. The house is located in Utah and gosh I want a house like that, like it’s nobody’s business…sick with it. There was a cute guy that came to the meeting..with his damn wife. And the wife was really nice so I was totally hating on her, signed up for it too, so now I’m officially an IBO (Independant Business Owner) LOL, I know I laughed too, but it’s pretty cool though, both Jess and I signed up and will be doing all of one stop shopping needs through our own catalogues, so I’m kinda excited about it, the mainline guy did the same thing we’re doing and he’s more than happy to help us out, so that’s cool…we shall see what’s up with this thing.

Saturday- Woke up and Brenna and I did a spot of cleaning, watched two of the movies that we bought in Utah and thoroughly disliked one of the movies, I called and cursed Jessica out because she told me she saw the movie and said it was really good, come to find out the punk never ever heard of the movie, she just THOUGHT it would be a good movie, punk! So I talked to her and her cousin in Utah on threeway for about an hour and a half then I phoned off and got showered and dressed because Trish came and picked me and Brenna up and then we headed off to Jessica’s work place and hung out with her for the rest of her workshift, since she was the only person at the shop, we played Super Mario Cart in the back while Jess sold some shirts and Samoan bracelets in the front. Trish whooped my behind in some Mario Cart but that’s okay because I whooped Shelley’s butt, so it worked out for me. Afterward, we hit the mall up and shopped like crazy.

Trish got my Nike Shocks, well she got Shocks, not the ones I wanted, but she got them so Jess and I were trying to find some shoes that would knock her shoes out of the water, but couldn’t find anything, so we settled for looking better than her at church on Sunday, which I totally did…I was totally rocking my outfit and I got lots of compliments on it as well, woo hoo!! We went to dinner for Trish’s birthday and then we all made a Wal Mart run and shopped there until the store closed.

My damage of the day: $341.

*sigh* I know. But oh well, I got me some cute shirts, a totally rocking church outfit, some new movies and the new Rascal Flatts cd plus all of my bathroom essentials, so I’m not complaining!

Sunday- Sunday morning, WAY early Sunday morning, I was pulled awake from my sleep by my phone, it kept playing my song, “We Belong Together” by Gavin Degraw, which signalled to me that David was calling me. *chuckle, now you guys know what my ringtone for him is, LOL* I look up to check to see what time it is and it’s almost 3 in the morning, which means it’s almost 4 in the morning in Utah. It must be something important, so I pick it up and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you sleeping?”

My smart reply was, “Oh no, I’m running a 5k marathon, OF COURSE I’M SLEEPING!” He laughed and said, “Crap, Dee I forgot about Trish’s birthday.”

This made me sit up because everyone has heard Trish’s diatribe about how important her birthday is. She always makes a big deal about her birthday and if you forgot to call her to wish her a happy birthday, you’ll hear about it, for weeks, months, YEARS afterward. It’s doubly worst for us, her friends because she never shuts up about it, but because David is not only one of her good friends, but her cousin too???? He’s never going to hear the end of it. I can’t wait. But this is our conversation went:

David: I forgot about her birthday.
Me: Dude you are like the worst cousin, EVER. I’m so glad you’re not my cousin.
David: Shut up, I’m glad you’re not my cousin either because nerds aren’t good for my family tree.
Me: Don’t be mad at me because I’m smarter than you and because I didn’t forget Trish’s birthday.
David: *sigh* I can’t believe I forgot about it, she’s been talking about nothing else since she was here last week. Crap, what am I going to do?
Me: You’re going to hear a whole helluva lot of crap from her for the rest of your life….I already know that she was pissed that you didn’t pick up any of her calls.
David: *pregnant pause* I was busy.
Me: Yeah the heck right, you were too busy to pick up your phone and wish her a happy birthday? That’s not goign to go over well, you can take that to the bank.
David: This is what’s going to happen…you’re going to tell her that I called you at 11:30pm to wish her a happy birthday because I was too embarrassed to call her house that late, you’re going to tell her that I was busy with Uncle Rick in the hospital and they didn’t allow me to use my cell phone in the hospital. You’re also going to tell her whatever you need to tell her to get her off my back….okay?
Me: Why should I do that for?
David: Dee, please.
Me: You’ve got to ask her for my money back. If you do that, then I’ll do this for you.
David: Okay, how much is it?
Me: I told him the price.
David: What the hell are you letting her borrow that much money for, are you stupid? Oh I’ll get your money back for you, but you better tell her that I called you.
Me: Alright, I will.
David: Make sure she doesn’t call me tomorrow, if she tries to, I’d appreciate a text or a phone call to warn me.
Me: Got it.

Our conversation went on and on for another forty five minutes or so but I got him to ask Trish for my money back (since I didn’t want to ruin her birthday and ask for it myself) and I told Trish about his happy birthday call (which didn’t go over too well with her since she left three messages on his phone the day before), and she called him on Jess’ phone and of course he didn’t answer so I sent him a text message telling him, she’s goign to keep calling him until he picks up, so either turn your phone off or pick up.

He turned his phone off. LOL.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday at church, so after church we had a Break the Fast, which is like a potluck where everyone comes together and we all break our fast together, it was good fun. We all got to socialize and eat great grub. The Samoans in attendance decided that next month’s Break the Fast would be a great one, because we would be doign all the cooking. I think it’ll be fun to see how the others react to our cooking. I’m already looking forward to it, since I can cook like it’s nobody’s business.

We finally talked to the other races, because usually everyone sticks to their own kind, but yesterday we all talked to each other and it was just great fun. We all made plans to get together tonight and go to the FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight and meet other singles in our area that arent in our branch, so I’m looking forward to that…especially since I caught a cute guy named Eric, looking at me and then cheesing it in my direction, so yeah I’m totally enjoying that one…hehe.

There you go guys, my weekend. Heaps of fun, I know! LOL.




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