Eye Candy Friday: Eric Dane.

13 04 2006

Eric Dane.
Trying to find pictures of this hot man is so flippin’ hard, so because the pickings this week are so slim, ya’ll are just going to have to take my word on this, the man is flippin’ hot! I just absolutely love this guy, I saw him when he played Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on Gray’s Anatomy and HOLY COW this man was all that and then some, Holly and I were instantly infatuated and since I don’t remember seeing him on anything, even though he looked hecka familiar, we crushed and crushed and never found him, until one day I was looking through some pictures and came across his picture, a little itty bitty one and thought to myself, OMGOSH I FOUND HIM! Of course, I immediately emailed Holly, Izzy and Grace to tell them all about my findings when Grace was like, “Oh I remember him, he’s from Charmed” Oh gosh, I do remember him from Charmed, I didn’t really watch the show anymore, by the time he came on the show, but I do remember seeing him and thinking, DAMN.

So yeah, that’s how he became this week’s Eye Candy. So yeah, take my word for it, this guy is hot stuff….true stud material, yummy yummy for my tummy, totally delish and all that other good stuff…so without further adeu, here’s your Eye Candy Hottie of the Week….Eric Dane.




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