Sisters, Can’t Live With Them…

18 04 2006

…can’t live without them.

Gosh living with your sister can really take it’s toll on your sometimes, this morning I just about lost it with mine. Now more than ever, I feel like I need to get the hell up out of my house. I need to get out of California because no one in my circle of friends is going to move out with me and I can’t afford to live on my own in California, especially Southern California because do you know how much that would cost me, monthly?

I’d stay broke for the rest of my life.


Anyways, back to my rant about this morning. My daughter is 7 years old and she’s the same size as my 9 year old niece, not because my Brenna is fat or anything, but because my niece is abnormally skinny. The poor girl has got no shape whatsoever, but whatever I’m pissed at her right now, so yeah…back to that. Sometimes they wear the same clothes and all is well, but this morning I about lost my head over a pair of pants.

A pair of pants that my sister bought Brenna for her birthday 2 months ago. TWO MONTHS.

It started last night, Brenna and I were calm after the homework incident (trust me you don’t want me to start on THAT issue) and she was bathed and I was making myself a slow jam CD, she came over and sat on the couch next to said 9 year old niece and began watching TV when she looked over at me and asked,

“Mom, what am I wearing to school tomorrow?”

I looked over at her and replied, “A pair of jeans and a shirt, why?”

“But can I wear my new jean jacket to school?” she asked.

I thought about it some and then said, “Oh okay, well then I’m washing your flowy black pants, you can wear that with your pink shirt and your jean jacket over it, with your boots. Go look for your boots, make sure they’re under the bed where you put them.”

So, she found her boots, put them by the door with her socks on top of them and her pants were in the dryer and her shirt was hanging on her dresser. I didn’t have to fold any laundry because my Mini Me, folds and puts my laundry for me and Brenna (I swear I love that girl), so after I made my CD I went upstairs, showered and then came back downstairs to make another play list. Everything seemed to be in order for this morning, so I went to bed.

I woke up this morning, pushed Brenna out of bed and then we both went upstairs and Brenna was brushing her teeth when I began looking through the clothes on my dresser, looking for Brenna’s black pants. I couldn’t find them so I asked Chels, she said she folded them and her Mom came and sorted the clothes, put me and Brenna’s clothes on top of Brenna’s dresser and then took the other girls clothes and put them away. I found a pair of black flowy pants that were two sizes too small for Brenna, so I knew they weren’t hers. I knew they weren’t hers because these were faded and Brenna had only worn her black pants once since she got them for her birthday from my sister.

So, I sent Brenna downstairs to ask my sister if she saw her pants. I can hear everything being said downstairs, so imagine my shock when Brenna is telling the 9 year old niece, Chaylene, who was sitting next to her last night when we were discussing what Brenna was wearing to school today, that she was wearing her pants. I started seeing red when I heard said niece telling Brenna what she was telling her.

“My Mom said these are mine, so I’m wearing them.”

Brenna says, “Chaylene, you know I was wearing those today and those are mine. Your mom bought those for me for my birthday.”

All attitudy like, “My mom said these are mine, Brenna.”

Then my sister comes in and says, “What’s the problem, Brenna?”

“Aunty those pants are mine, my mom said last night that I was wearing those pants last night and Chay Chay has them on now.”

“Those aren’t yours Brenna, those are hers, her grandma bought those for her.”

Brenna holds up the pants in her hands and tells my sister, “No Aunty, these are the ones Grandma bought for her, those are the pants that you bought me for my birthday.”

“Go upstairs and change into some jeans Brenna, Chaylene is going to wear those pants.”

This is when I come stomping down the stairs, I come walking into the room and Brenna’s got tears in her eyes and she says, “Thanks a lot, Chay Chay, now my mom isn’t going to let me wear my new jacket.”

Now I’m pissed off.

“Come on Brenna, let’s go upstairs and find new pants to wear since Chaylene has the pants she knew you were wearing today on, I’ll buy you a new pair today after work.”

My sister had the audacity to pretend like I didn’t hear what she told my daughter. She says, “The pants that Chay Chay has on are too big for Brenna.”

My curt reply was, “No the pants Jeanette bought for Chaylene were too small, but whatever, keep the pants.”

“It’s not like Brenna doesn’t wear Chaylene’s clothes.”

“That’s not why I’m pissed. I’m pissed because Chaylene KNEW Brenna was wearing those pants today and I’m pissed because you tried to act like the pants were Chaylene’s when you know good and well YOU bought them for Brenna two months ago. That’s why I’m pissed.”

She got all huffy like I was in the wrong.

What the hell ever, don’t buy my daughter something for her birthday and then fold it and put it into your kids clothes. That’s just stupid. I don’t do that to her and I totally expected the same from her. But she’s famous for this, she’s forever saying something belongs to her kids when she knows good damn well that they don’t and her sneaky ass little spoiled rotten daughter tried to act like she didn’t know Brenna was wearing those pants. Tried to act like she wasn’t sitting right freaking next to Brenna the night before while we planned out what Brenna was wearing to school so that we could sleep in a little in the morning. The stupid little shit, but please believe had it been the other way around and Brenna was wearing something of hers, regardless of if she was planning to wear it or not, she would have thrown a fit, which is why she’s my least favorite niece in our family.

If it was okay, I probably wouldn’t even like that little girl, but I have to like her because she’s in my family but I swear to you guys, that little girl is pure evil.

I can’t stand that crap.

Pisses me right off…so my sister tells me that I made a big deal out of nothing. You tell me, did I? Because if I made a big deal out of nothing then I’ll stop being pissed about it all (well I’ll try) but the pants Brenna ended up wearing to school didn’t match her new jacket because she doesn’t have pants that go with the jacket, except for the pants that stupid Chaylene is wearing, so because I knew how bad Brenna wanted to wear her new jacket, I let her wear it…not matching and sending Brenna to school NOT matching pisses me off!

Sorry, just needed to blow off some steam, because I told my other sister about it and she’s like, that’s nothing new, the sweatshirt Chaylene wore to school yesterday was Meghans but heaven forbid Meghan wear a pair of her socks, frickin gets on my nerves!




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