I Shouldn’t Play Hookie Anymore…

20 04 2006

Because I do stupid things when I’m home alone.

So I did something today that wasn’t exactly planned. I mean, I bought a new phone for Jess yesterday (I got her a Razor) and she’s all excited to get her new phone because seriously, her phone sucks ass but she never has the money to buy herself a new phone, I decided to surprise her with a new phone, except I told stupid Alema that I bought her a phone and she should be getting it next week, I even called T Mobile and pretended I was her and upgraded her phone and the stupid jerk spilled the beans last night while we were talking on the phone.

So anyway, all yesterday and last night I spent looking for my cell phone, but for the life of me I couldn’t find it and when I STILL couldn’t find it this morning, I decided that the phone is a piece of shit anyway (the camera doesn’t work and lately it’ll just turn off by itself and a blue screen will pop up and then it’ll just start vibrating like crazy) and decided to treat myself to a new phone, so being the happy camper that I am, I jump on Cingular.com and start browsing through phones, I come across the Razor phone and think, wow it would be really nice to have that phone and it was $20 cheaper than the Razor I bought for Jess, but I’m thinking, no I don’t want the same phone as Jess and I’m thinking to myself, I don’t have an Ipod but I want one and if I get the SLVR, I can have an Ipod AND a new phone, so guess what I did?

I spent $199 on a new SLVR.

I know, I know…I can’t believe I bought it either, but seriously? I’m all kinds of excited to get it in the mail! LOL. YAY.




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