Hot Guy Nightmares!

31 05 2006

Oh gosh, funny things have been happening to me lately, because yesterday on my way home from work, I was driving along, blaring my UB40’s Greatest Hits when I stopped at a stop light and looked over to find a really hot guy that reminded me of Josh Duhamel (shhh Ames, he was hot this guy!), he was bobbin’ his head to whatever music he was listening to. He had broad shoulders, a strong back and a pretty boy face, I’m talking he was heaven on the eyes he was so hot.

Well anyway, we get to another stop light and he pulls into the parking lot for Starbucks and parks close to the street and since I was still at the stop light, I was totally checking him out, my window was down and I was just two lanes over so I had a GREAT view of him.

He parks the car and then opens his door and gets out.

And I flinched back because the guy had some ‘short pants’ on with get this….CLOGS. I’m not talking those wooden ones that you use to dance with, I’m talkin’ straight up black clogs with the wrap around chain thing with a buckle. THAT kind of clog.

THIS kind of clogs:

Umm, WHAT THE HELL? Those shoes were made for girls. It totally ruined my day that I called Holly to complain to her. He totally ruined my whole checking out routine by getting out of the damn car. What manly man would walk around wearing those? I mean seriously…the wrap around strap that ends with a buckle? AND it had a heel….I’m telling you guys it was wrong…totally wrong, you just don’t do that, you don’t have such a nice face and nice shoulders and great everything and then get out of the car wearing flippin’ CLOGS, it just aint right.


Maybe THAT’S why I stayed up until 4 o’clock this morning, I swear I had visions of clogs running through my head all night and I just want it to go away!



Sexiest Southern Men…

31 05 2006

CMT has been showing their Sexiest Southern Men and me being Good Eye for the Hot Guy totally tuned in and drooled over some and didn’t really get others.

I’ve gotta tell you though, I’m a sucker for a Southern Man. That Southern drawl can do a serious number on my insides, sexy cowboys totally do me in. I wouldn’t mind dating anyone who reminded me of Tim McGraw (with his hat on of course LOL), George Eads or any of those other Sexy Southern Studs. I’m telling you, me being a huge country fan have become totally addicted to hot Male Country Singers…Keith Urban? Saw him in concert and frickin’ loved him, thought he totally got down on his guitar and the entire show rocked out, fell in love with him as a hottie at his show, then there’s Rascal Flatts, they absolute rock my frickin’ socks! Joe Don Rooney is a hottie for sure! My point is, there are so many Southern hotties that don’t get enough love so I’m showing them some love today on Coffee House Banter.

Alright, so first of all, there were plenty of guys on the Top 20 List on CMT that had me drooling over the screen, and these guys are what I think is utterly sexy…guys like, Brett Favre (can I lick him please?) and Ty Pennington, heck yes I agree, he’s hecka sexy, keep him on the list! Then there were guys like George Straight that I was totally like, yeah even though this guy is older in years compared to the others on the list, I was not mad that they included him because he is a hottie old man! I’m digging it. Johnny Knoxville though I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s sexy, he is a hottie…there’s a difference between being HOT and being sexy, HOT is someone you like to look at and SEXY is someone you picture yourself sleeping with, I like to look at Johnny Knoxville but I wouldn’t be mad if I never slept with him, ya know? LOL.

George Eads, talk about hummina hummina hummina…I love him as Nick Stokes on CSI: Las Vegas and there have been more than one ocassion when I thought about sleeping with that bad boy, I love his whole Southern Charm he’s got going for him. You don’t see much of him in the tabloids and stuff like that and I like that about him, man oh man I could eat that man for breakfast…hehe.

Another country crooner that I totally adore is, Kenny Chesney. He is my all time favorite Country Singer and to me he will always be Entertainer of the Year because his concert is one concert in the summer that I try NEVER to miss…and in 18 days I’ll be rockin’ out to Kenny in Carson, CA when he comes out here on tour…gosh I cannot wait, the guy keeps getting sexier and sexier but man…I do remember when Kenny wasn’t much to look at, here’s a before and after of the man…



Pretty big difference huh? But this Kenny, I’m glad has finally made the Top Twenty Sexy Ones….hehe.

Other guys who made the swoonworthy list that I absolutely love are: Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley (he’s a cutie patootie dammit!), George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Tim McGraw, James Denton, etc.

Guys I Get:

I get why these guys made the list…but here’s a list of the guys that I don’t see the sexiness in them.

Billy Currington. This guy has got to be the fruitiest guy on the planet. Have you guys seen the Party for Two video with Shania? Come on, you didn’t see his fruitiness in THAT video? Or how about his video for Must Be Doing Something Right? I KNOW you had to have seen how the girl in that video was more manlier than he was. I mean, when I think sexy man, I think manly man, like Tim, George you know…those kinds of guys, but I don’t think wimpy looking Billy Currington, but hey that’s just me.

Here’s a pic of him:

Or how about the old guy from Young and the Restless? What’s his name? Christian Le Blanc? Are you frickin’ kidding me? Let’s take a look at a pic…

Did that make you lust after the guy? No, how about this one?

Are you overcome with lust yet? Yeah, me neither. To each his own, I guess.

Others that I just didn’t get are here:

Hmm, John Corbett? Is that his name? I didn’t think he was sexy as Aiden on Sex in the City, he was sweet and I liked him for Carrie but he was not sexy to me, umm Harry Connick JR. Okay, NOT SEEING IT! This guy looks like a dried up druggie and I don’t see the appeal but once again, it’s a to each their own thing….and last but not least, Lance Armstrong, what the flip? He’s sexy? I don’t think so…but I won’t bag on him because I don’t wanna.

Which brings to my question for ya’ll to ponder.

Which Sexy Southern Stud would you put on YOUR Top 20? Remember, he’s gotta be from the South…hehe.

Because I’m Such a Winner..

30 05 2006

….I watched the entire second season of Laguna Beach this weekend. Every single episode that came on last season, I watched them all and laughed myself silly when LC said her stupid remark about the South Coast (you have to watch it to know what I’m talking about) and got peeved at Jessica for being such a dumb idiot where Jason was concerned. It annoyed me during the season, but this time around I wanted to bitch slap her for her stupidity. Gosh, she was such a dumb ass when it came to that boy.

Jason was a cutie patootie but I’m so over him because he was ‘bad boy’ and I guess that’s where the appeal came from, but still…he wasn’t ALL that, not for everyone in damn Laguna to be fighting over him.

One thing I WASN’T over was frickin’ Alex M. She got on my hot damn nerves during the season but oh gosh I hated her even more this time around because the whole Jessica/Jason/Alex thing was just….stupid. I mean, seriously? She gets mad at Jessica for snatching her boyfriend away from her, but she did the same thing? You just don’t go out with your friends ex boyfriends, it’s WRONG…she assumed that Jessica was over it? Come on now, you idiot, Jessica made an idiot out of herself over this guy and you thought she was over him so you slid in and took him off her hands? Yeah right, you’re a stupid bitch if you think that…what an ass wipe! Another I can’t get over is why everyone thinks that Alex can sing, because my deaf tone daughter can sing better than her. I mean seriously? She’s got a myspace music page like she’s just the bomb diggity and I’m just not seeing it. She seriously needs to get over herself.

One good thing that I’m looking forward to is The Hills. It’s LC’s new show about her life in L.A. and her internship at Teen Vogue and stuff like that…I’m an LC fan, I know, I know…it’s lame but I think LC is such a cutie. She’s sweet and even though she got the shaft from Stephen and then that messed up relationship with Jason, I think she handled the whole Jason thing marvelously and can’t wait to see what has become of these two since it’s evident that Jason is still in her life from the clips of The Hills. It premieres tomorrow night so that should be interesting!

Woo hoo…my guilty pleasures are back! hehe…

Eye Candy Friday: Patrick Dempsey.

26 05 2006

Patrick Dempsey.

It’s Eye Candy Friday and after my R Kelly incident last night, I feel the need to look at someone that won’t give me hives….or arrested. So Patrick Dempsey it is…McDreamy will definitely cheer me up so, this is my medication to get me through today…LOL.

Is There No Hope For Me? *sigh*

25 05 2006

So, I’m watching my Mom this weekend because my Dad and sister went to my Dad’s brother in law’s funeral in Hawaii and because my Mom has to be taken care of, I’m the one that is taking care of her…last night, she sent me and Chelsea to the store to get some stuff for the house so Chelsea and I went, grateful to get out of the house.

We walk into the store and instantly spot a cutie patootie shopping by himself. We giggle like little school girls and forget about him because we lost sight of him. So, with our list in hand we get down to the business of shopping. Now, both Chelsea and I like to talk, so we’re talking about random things, mostly Chelsea is telling me about her day at school and how some girl is spreading vicious rumors about her at school and how she wants to get back at her. So, then we start plotting revenge on this nameless girl and just having fun with it all.

I had some jeans on that rolled up to my calf with slippers and then a plain tee shirt that I got from Target, trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t looking my best, my hair was thrown up into a messy bun and I had no make up on and Chelsea didn’t look any better.

We were in the bread aisle, singing Light My Candle on the Rent Soundtrack, Chelsea was Roger and I was Mimi, so we’re talking in song and totally doing the motions or acting like we’re really in a play (yeah the things we get into when we’re bored) I even had a candle that I kept holding up to Chelsea while I sang my part. We were totally serious while doing this, because whoever laughed first had to buy the other a Rock Star, so there we are singing in the aisle when someone starts chuckling in back of us, I didn’t pay much attention because I knew the part where Chelsea ALWAYS starts laughing is coming up, so I keep singing, but then Chelsea makes this stupid face and sings the part where Roger says, “I used to be a junkie” and it all became too much because I started laughing and then I couldn’t stop and Chelsea is looking all embarrassed so I turned to see what she was looking at and Cutie Patootie is standing there looking at the both of us, with a big ass smile on his face.

Now, usually nobody pays us any mind, whenever we go into a store, we can do whatever we want, nobody pays ANY attention to us but last night, Cutie Patootie stayed and asked us what we were doing.

We told him what we were doing and then we start cracking jokes at each other (me and Chelsea) and then he starts chatting me up. Asking me random questions and you could totally tell he was digging me, even I could tell, he’s one of those tall and beefy guys, probably a football player or whatever, but the guy was a cutie. So, I’m all over this one, I’m not necessarily spitting game or whatever (because that’s his job) but I’m totally getting excited becuase this guy is cute and he’s bright and he’s totally into me, so he asks me for my number and I give it to him and then he asks me….”So what school do you go to?”

The way he said it, gave me pause. I looked up at him and asked him, “What school do you go to?” All cheeky like.

You guys, he’s a flippin’ senior in High School and he goes to the same high school, I GRADUATED from 8 FLIPPIN’ YEARS AGO.

I threw up in my mouth and ran away while Chelsea doubled over and laughed her ass off.

I swear, shit like this only happens to me.

Last Night’s American Idol…

25 05 2006

It appears that America loves the Soul Patrol! Congrats to Taylor Hicks for winning this year’s American Idol. I’m not that big a fan of yours but okay, I’m not going to hate on you or anything, you won…you got down last night, I’ll give you that. I’m also really glad that Chris didn’t win because he’d have to sing that effing lame ass song that you had to sing last night that’s going to be your first single, which totally sucks, but hey, good on you for winning because even though I liked McPhee, I believe you did well.

Whoa, talk about the best finale of the season. Gosh, what an awesome show it was last night, tons of laughter and loads of great music (although Meatloaf and Kat’s song last night had me thinking, WTF is all this about? Wasn’t feeling it AT ALL), Mary J. Blige, you’re lucky I’m not going to write you a letter today for trying you’re damndest to drown my poor Elliot out of the damn song, shit woman you’re already a star, quit trying to steal his thunder, sheesh!

Damn it was good to see my Ace again, looking all spiffy in his spiffy clothes singing his spiffy songs…oh how I have missed thee, Ace. It was great to see you again, if ever you were to make a CD, I will buy three copies just so that you can have money in your pocket. But even though I love you to death, Ace and loved your performances last night, I’ve got to admit, you were not the person I was looking forward to seeing last night.

I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for a glimpse of…the rock star, himself, Chris effing Daughtry. Man, that boy can blow. When he sang with Live, I was on the edge of my seat, loving that I was able to hear you sing again. Loving that you were still up there doing your thing, because you truly were meant to be on the stage singing to people, gosh I hope you do big thangs with your music, LOVE YOU CHRIS!

The best thing last night though was watching Clay Aiken and his Mini Me. OMHell, that was the funniest thing EVER, this entire season….when he starts singing and then Clay comes out and the look of shock that comes over home boys face as he starts jumping up and down because he’s singing with Clay frickin’ Aiken, it surely something that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Gosh that was effing hilarious. I almost lost my voice laughing so damn loud, it was straight up hysterical. The fool was up there almost in tears because he was singing with Clay effing Aiken. Good stuff, good stuff.

Didn’t think any of the stars were all that great that came on to sing, they should have had Shania come on there or Rascal Flatts should have came back because damn, the country singers are the ones that always put it down, in the singing live department. I would have loved for Shania to come and sing with the girls, home dude that sang with Paris was so old that even his voice had arthritus, but Dionne, keep smilin’, keep shinin’, knowing you can always count on me, for sure…that’s what friends are for, damn thanks for taking me back in the day when I used to cry when I watched those Solid Gold hits…did I really just type that out? Oh well.

The show was a really great one, it was so awesome to see all of the contestants back, missed seeing Bucky, Ace, Chris, Elliot…and Mandiva too~ Damn that woman has got some serious pipes, her range is out of this world, love the woman!

Loved all of the performances, well that’s a lie because I didn’t like Meatloaf and Kat, but I hella loved when Kat and Taylor sang my jiggity jizam, “Time of my Life” had me wanting to throw my Dirty Dancing DVD in so that I could say my favorite line, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” LMAO.

So yeah, I have since forgiven America for voting Chris off and I have decided that I will watch it again next season, BUT…this season didn’t find the Idol that would usurp my fav Idol spot, because Carrie Underwood still holds that title and holy hot damn she did me proud last night when she sang my song, Don’t Forget to Remember Me…damn, she reminded me why I voted like crazy for her last year. GO CARRIE! And she’s so effing beautiful that I should hate her, but I don’t.

Cross your fingers that Carrie will be opening for Kenny this summer because I’m going to see Kenny in less than a month and Carrie’s on his slip…but we’re not sure if she’s going to be there for our concert, PLEASE CARRIE, COME TO L.A.

Alright, I’m out…

My 5 Questions…My Interview.

24 05 2006

This is from Holly’s blog. It’s an interview, these are her questions and what not, the directions are below if you want to participate, alrighty?

1) What’s the one thing you can’t forgive of a romance hero?

Hmm, if I’m honest I can really forgive the hero for anything really, I haven’t read a book where the hero did something that I was totally against or anything, I’m a pretty forgiving lady so I’m not sure I can answer this one…but for the sake of having an answer with this one, I can’t STAND when a hero wears tapered pants…pants so tight that they hug his ankle and make his pants look like a big balloon, I can’t forgive that.

2) If there was one thing about yourself you could change, what would it be and why?

Hmmm, I wish my teeth were straighter? I don’t know…

3) If you had to choose one romance hero to read about for the rest of your life, which one would you pick? Why?

Hmm, this one is easy for me, I’d choose to read about Dageus MacKeltar for the rest of my life, because he’s all that and then some more…hello? I’d also keep us on a plane, hehe…

4) Will you EVER read the Harry Potter books? Why or why not?

Yep, I’m going to read these sometime in the near future, but I want to read them because I’m too nosy not too. I am really just going to give it a shot because the Mini Me and myself have challenged ourselves to read these books and see if they’re really as good as all the hype about them makes them out to be.

5) Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years, I’ll be 30 and I’ll be 30, Flirty and Thriving. LMAO.

Who else wants to be interviewed? Here’s the instructions from Angie’s blog: Leave me a comment saying ‘interview me.’ The first five commenters will be the participants. I will respond by asking you five questions. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Hey Holly and Grace…

23 05 2006

…guess what comes out on DVD today?

Oh gosh, Brenna has already called me to make sure that we’re going to pick it up from Target after I get home from work. Oh joy…I’m going to be bop to the top while I’m breaking free from the start of something new…LOL.

All of my little kiddies are exstatic that it is finally out on DVD and they can watch it every chance they can, without having to wait until they play it on the Disney Channel.

LOL. Just had to share with you guys because I know Holly you wanted to get it for your little ones, right? LOL.

Old Friends Are Such a Joy…

23 05 2006

Last night I went to my niece’s 7th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses and I was really not in the mood to go and prance around that place, keeping an eye on my daughter and the rest of the kiddies that were in attendance but like the good girl that I am, I went anyway and as soon as my brother’s showed up, we led the kids to the play area and loaded them up with tokens and told them to go wild, which they did.

As soon as the kids were settled into their different games and stuff, the tournament began. Twenty dollars worth of tokens were placed on the game and the games began.

You see, every time we all go to Chuck E. Cheeses, we always head over to the basketball shooting game and compete against each other, to see who can make the most shots. I always lose to my younger brother, but I have been known from time to time to beat my older brother. So, last night I was going head to head with the older one and I was up by three points when I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “Damn you Dylan, you gave me AIDS when we had sex!” I was so shocked at what was said to me that I threw the ball and it bounced off the rim of the basket and almost hit me in the face, but I was already laughing when I turned around and launched myself into the arms of Martin Marquez. Pronounced, Marteen. He was always such a nut about being called Marteen.

Oh gosh, the memories I had with this kid in high school. You see, when we had 10th Grade Science together and in class, one of the lessons was how easy it is to contract an STD, so we had these little pieces of paper that we had to go around and hand to select members of our class, at the end of the period, if you chose to only give two of your papers away, you only slept with two people, if you chose to give ALL of your papers away, you done slept with everyone around and like the knucklehead that he is, Martin gave ALL of his papers away to all of the girls in the class because he knew beforehand (our friend Z had the period before our class so she spilled the beans to Martin) so he wanted to be a pimp. At the end of the class though, you opened all of your papers and some of them were blank and some of them had different STD’s on them like syphillis, gonorrhea (sp?) stuff like that…well, he kept my paper in his pocket and when he opened it, it read, AIDS. So I gave him AIDS in class.

And everytime after that, through ALL of our damn years at high school, he held that over my head. In every damn year book he signed, he always reminded me how I gave him AIDS. I haven’t seen him in since Graduation Day and oh gosh, he was the one that wore his boxers underneath his Graduation Gown and oh gosh, he was just the funniest guy in the world. Gosh I didn’t realize how much I missed him until we were sitting at the table last night cracking jokes and just catching up with each other’s lives.

He was there with his best friend, who also went to school with us, Matt B. Matt B. was SO hot in high school, he was the one that got jocked throughout the whole of high school by all the girls because he was so flippin’ hot. He was a soccer player with blue eyes and he was just really funny and he always smelled good, I remember he used to wear Obsession for Men when we were in high school and everyday I had to hug him at least once to get my fix. There were times when he would search me out at my Pep Squad practice during last period for my hug just so I could get my fix in before he went out to soccer practice. Oh gosh, good times good times.

Martin has a daughter and Matt has a little boy, both kids are super adorable and it was funny because they’re best friends now because they got best friends pregnant. I asked them how they ended up being friends because in high school they hung out with totally different crowds and Martin was like, “This fool got Meliss pregnant and Meliss is Jackie’s best friend and Jackie was already pregnant with my baby, so that’s how we’re friends now”

Totally funny.

It was great to meet up with old friends from high school and to reminisce about how dorky and geeky we were and I introduced them to my older brother who played soccer with Matt’s older brother, so Matt and the older one were talking and just cracking jokes, so now we’re all planning to hang out again sometime soon, which should be interesting, I’m sure. hehe.

Are there people from your high school days that you’d like to see again, or wonder about?

Yard Work Can Suck My Big Toe…

22 05 2006

…I hate that crap.

This weekend, we did a lot of working around the house, putting up the new fence in the backyard, waterproofing the hell out of it and then moving the shed over to the other side of the backyard to make room for the hot tub, which meant that we had to unload all the hot damn crap that IN the shed, store it on the side of the backyard, move the big bloody thing to the opposite of the backyard and then, AND THEN we had to put everything BACK into the shed all over again.

Talk about WORK.

I thought I had two days OFF of work, but the stuff needed to get done so that we can have a big summer party on June 3rd.

It also gave us time to bond together as a family, which was nothing but good times. I laughed a lot, made my family laugh a lot and we just had a blast fixing up the house.

But seriously though, whoever works in the garden, pulling weeds and planting flowers and coming into contact with all those bugs and what not, EWWWWWWW, what is wrong with you?….I’m such a girly girl when it comes to those kinds of things because my nephew threw a snail at me and I swear I was about to rip his head off….to recall the instant my arm came into contact with that slimy little creature, makes me want to puke my brains out.

I swear, Gracie girl could probably hear my screams from where she is in Australia, I was so loud. I swear, my neighbors came out to see if I was alright, I was so loud.

After I cleaned up my weed mess, I ran the hell out of that yard and was done for the day. We worked from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening, by then I was tired out of my mind and didn’t want to do anything else, so I lounged around, read some and then played a bit online, did the same thing today without all of the yard work.

What did you guys do this weekend?