My Sister Is Stalking Me!

1 05 2006

Working with your sister can be a whole lot of fun, because you can do the sister lunches, when she’s got a meeting where they’re serving lunch, she always makes me a plate and brings it to my office and I do the same for her, but gosh…sometimes it can be a pain. As well.

You see, some of you may remember me blogging about my secrets. I remember blogging about how I stole my sister’s Roxy slippers from her and blamed it on my niece. I remember blogging about how I hid them here at work, underneath my desk.

Well, sometimes when I wear heels to work, I’ll take my heels off and wear the “stolen” slippers around my department, so today I’ve wore heels and decided to take the heels off because it’s beyond hot in the office building and I need to head over to the AR department to drop off some folders over there, without thinking I walked over to AR with the stolen shoes on and was on my way back to my office when I heard my sister’s voice in the kitchen, I could smell her warming up her lunch so I was walking over there when I noticed I was wearing the “hot” slippers, I pivoted on my heel just as my sister stepped into the hallway and when she called my name, I took one big gulp of breath….

And then I bolted.

I ran away from her and though I can hear her calling me, I kept right on running, the long way to my office and when I got to my office my phone was ringing, I let it go to voicemail the first time but the second time, I picked it up.

“Who were you running from in the hallway?” she asked.

I sat at my desk staring at my pretty nail polish and her “lost” slippers. “Oh no, I had to run back to Nijah’s office to pick up some paperwork that I left over there”

A sigh of relief, “Oh well, I was calling to see what you did this time, to make sure I didn’t have to scold you for something, alright.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone and you would think that was the end of it. But it’s like she’s got a Dylan radar because I went to the bathroom and not two seconds after I walk into the bathroom, she’s walking in behind me and I didn’t even see her in the hallway (freaky anyway?), and then I came back to my office and then I decided that I wanted to eat MY lunch, so I went to the kitchen and was warming my food up when she walks into the kitchen behind me and proceeds to fill a cup full of ice to take back to her desk.

“Are you stalking me?” I ask her.

“Did you lie to me about where you ran off to this morning?” she asked.

I give her a dirty look and shake my head. “No, why?”

“Because I asked Nijah if she saw you today and she said she didn’t see you at all today,”

I gaped at her and then said, “You ARE stalking me,”

“Why did you lie?”

“So I did lie, I just didn’t want to laugh at you guys so I ran away, where’s the harm in that?”

“You did something Dylan and I’m going to find out what it is sooner or later, but it’s okay you don’t have to tell me what it is, because I’ll find it out all on my own,”

“So are you McGruff now?” I said, laughing at her.

She just shrugged her shoulders.

“You better stop stalking me or I’ll report you to HR.”

That made her laugh.

She just arched her brow at me and sauntered out of the kitchen. I started laughing myself and grabbed my lunch and just to be ornery, I stole her coleslaw that she made yesterday and was looking forward to eating today, and I ate it…MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

Oh gosh, I love pissing my sister off!




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