The Tooth Fairy Nearly Fired Me!

2 05 2006

Okay so Brenna’s tooth fell out Saturday afternoon after she returned home from her birthday party at Build A Bear. She was acting funky about it all but after talking about her tooth to her cousins, the all knowing Makenna and the wise Cheridan, she became eager for night time to come around so that she can put her tooth under her pillow and have her tooth turn into a prize or gift or even money.

So, she told me all about her grand plan to tuck her tooth under her pillow so that she can see what the Tooth Fairy leaves for her under her pillow.

Now, this is Saturday night, so I wait and wait for her to go to sleep (I done sent her to bed three times already) but she was watching movies with my nieces, so I fell asleep before she did. But I knew she put her tooth under her pillow so as I waited for her to go to sleep, I zonked out. I jerked awake at about 2am in the morning and looked over to see if Brenna was asleep. She was out like a light, so I crept over to my purse, took a couple of bills out and then crawled over to where Brenna was sleeping.

I dropped the bills on the floor besides me and I took a deep breath and then slid my hand, ever so slowly underneath her pillow to look for the tooth.

I couldn’t for the life of me, find it.

I moved my hand to get it out from underneath the pillow when Brenna’s head popped up and when her head popped up, I fell like a rock to the floor and pretended to be “asleep”. She started freaking out, calling me.

“Mom, mommy, did you feel that? I felt something?” she whined.

I opened my eye and she was looking at me from above. I just sat up and wiped my eyes like I was sleeping and patted her on the head and told her that it was nothing and for her to go back to sleep, she did about ten minutes later and then I waited another fifteen minutes so it was almost 3 when I tried again.

I slipped my hand underneath her pillow, searching for the tooth and the bloody tooth was nowhere to be found, but now I’m frickin’ irritated because I can’t find the damn tooth and something was telling me that Brenna was going to wake up again so I slipped my hand out just as she looked up again.

“Mom, I felt it again, did you feel it?”

“No Brenna, you’re dreaming, just go back to sleep.”

She fretted for a good fifteen minutes before she drifted off to sleep and I was more than a little pissed off that she kept waking up and then more than a little miffed that somewhere underneath that damn pillow, her tooth lay, out of my reach.

So, there was no hope for it, I went back to sleep and was jarred awake when Brenna woke up at like 8 o’clock in the morning, crying because the tooth fairy didn’t take her tooth. And like the good Mom that I am, I soothed my daughter’s feelings by lying to her.

“Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t take my tooth and I didn’t get a prize.” she wailed.

I opened my eyes and sighed before looking over at her. “What do you mean she didn’t take your tooth? Did you put it under your pillow?”


“In a bag so that the tooth fairy can find it?”

She didn’t answer me so I looked over at her and she looked so sad. I felt so bad so I asked her for the date.

“What’s the date today Brenna?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s the 30th today? So that makes it the 29th last night, oh baby, the tooth fairy had the day off on the 29th, she only works on the 30th, just put your tooth in a zip loc bag and then put it under your pillow tonight and she’ll bring your gift.”

She immediately brightened up and bolted out of the room to get that zip loc bag. I told her to keep the tooth on her dresser so she doesn’t lose it and so the tooth sat on the dresser all day. We went to church on Sunday, then I had some business to take care of after Sunday dinner, so I went to Compton and didn’t get back home until after 11:30pm, Brenna was already sleeping. She fell asleep downstairs on the couch, so I made sure she was covered and then went off to freshen up and get changed, I called Holly back and told her all about what happened at my outing and I went downstairs to watch tv with the sound off. So, about an hour and a half into my conversation with Holly (we talk WAY too much), I start telling Holly about my adventure as the Tooth Fairy and she starts cracking up, telling me that I need to go and check things out, so I’m telling Holly my story and she’s cracking up and by this time I’m cracking up too, but I’m not laughing out loud or anything, I crept over to where Brenna was sleeping and felt under the pillow, no bag, no tooth, so I’m telling Holly about it and I must have said something that caused her to wake up, because Brenna must have heard me say Tooth Fairy because her head popped up and she said, “Mom, I forgot my tooth upstairs!”

I breathed a sigh of relief and then told her we’ll put her tooth under her pillow tomorrow and she nodded and went back to sleep and I was left with Holly scolding me to hurry up and put the dollar bills under her pillow.

I didn’t do it because I had already told Brenna that we would do it last night, so it was take three for me…and I finally got it right.

The girl went to sleep, I waited a few hours and then slid my hand underneath the pillow, got the tooth and planted her “prize.”

She woke up feeling on top of the world and I breathed a sigh of relief because my duty as the Tooth Fairy is now done for the moment.





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