Tonight’s The Night for Me…and other OTH Fans.

3 05 2006

Tonight is the night where we find out just what happens between Lucas and Peyton, if anything at all. Please cross your fingers for me, because I’m literally on the edge of my seat willing the hours to fly by so that I can finally watch the season finale of One Tree Hill.

At the moment I have exactly 4 hours until I can watch all of the juicy bits of the season finale, because TODAY IS NATHAN AND HALEY’S WEDDING! And I cannot wait! In the promo’s for tonights’ episode the girls looks so pretty in their bridesmaid dresses and Haley looks amazing! It’s so cute how her and Nathan are just so happy and in love with each other, it has been a seriously long road for the both of them to find their ways back to each other but it’s great to finally see that they’re getting their stuff together and things are certainly looking up for the both of them, although I’m scared on Haley’s part since she invited Dan to the wedding, knowing his evil butt he’s bound to do something to ruin the wedding and I cannot even begin to speculate what’s to happen with Dan coming to the wedding, what I really want to know on that part is why Nathan is so worried about Haley’s life?

Anyway, how about a recap of LAST week’s episode since I know that Grace has watched the show, I keep forgetting to ask Jazz if she’s watched the show or not, but pressing forward….what a great episode last week’s episode was!

I mean, all of my dreams came true, all of my hopes (okay well not the big hope but Peyton realizing that she still has feelings for Lucas is really big for me) were blossomed and now that Peyton has outed her feelings for Lucas to Brooke, I’m sure that things will probably get worst before they start to get better, but who cares, THEY HAVE TO GET BETTER! I know in my heart that Lucas kept all of those Peyton memorabillia because he still harbored deep feelings for Peyton, not because of whatever lame excuse Lucas gave Brooke last season…I’m so happy with the way they left things with the whole Jake/Peyton thing too, I mean it was actually quite PERFECT! Jake catching Peyton talking in her sleep about how much she LOVES Lucas, AWWWWWW, I felt so bad for Jake but it was so cool of him to be so understanding which made me love him all the more because he’s not only looking out for himself and Jenny but he’s STILL looking out for Peyton as well, how can you NOT love him?

And how can you NOT love it that Lucas is trying to go back to being the guy he was BEFORE all of his basketball glory days. I mean, he’s going to college for Literature, now THAT’s the Lucas I know and fell in love with all those seasons ago. I swear, the flashback to better days with Peyton and Lucas, I ABOUT DIED! I was like, “THAT’S HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE ON HERE DAMMIT!” To see Lucas and Peyton’s relationship all over again made my heart sigh with contentment because now the real fireworks can begin, the tossing of Brooke aside and the going after what’s really in his heart is what I’m waiting for….come on Lucas, do NOT disappoint me!

What about the way the show started? With Peyton’s car breaking down and her calling Nathan to come pick her up? The twist on this time around, made me realize how far Nathan has come in growing up since the first season, because in the first season, I couldn’t stand Nathan and now I love him to pieces! There’s hardly a trace of that punk kid from back then and instead you see a full grown man engaged to Tutor girl for crying out, who leads a great life. A life that a real man would be proud of, he’s so unlike his father that it makes me want to toast his good fortune. I loved how it was SO deja vu, because the same exact scene played out in the very first season and it’s so funny to see how far each character has come since then.

I love it all. Some other things that I love, Rachel getting her crap thrown back in her face by Cooper and by Deb, GO DEB for telling her just how things really are, Haley and Brooke fighting over Haley’s wedding dress and then Brooke fixing her a new wedding dress more suited to her tastes with her and Nathan’s bedspread…too funny. Some things I didn’t like were the start of a most bothersome friendship, Rachel and Peyton. That can’t be a good friendship especially since I know Brooke is going to hate Peyton from here on out…drama is sure to unfold for sure and I swear Rachel is like the female version of Dan Scott, ick!

So as you can see, I’m uber hyped up for tonight’s episode, but a little uneasy because I will have to wait to the whole summer to see what happens with all of the characters and then *gasp* dare I mention it? They’re not even sure if OTH will be coming back for another season as Kristin on E! is trying to save it, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it WILL come back!

You know what I just wondered about…just because Peyton fessed up to her feelings for Lucas doesn’t necessarily mean that Lucas will remember how he felt about Peyton…I’m going to be royally pissed if he doesn’t. ROYALLY pissed!


Oh well, in four hours I shall see! WOO HOO!!!




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