Eye Candy Friday: Bryan Greenberg.

5 05 2006

After the disappointing week I’ve had, I really need some eye candy to lift my spirits, so I chose someone for this week that always brings a smile to my face, someone that always makes me sigh with contentment whenever I see him, either on the small screen or the silver screen.


Bryan Greenberg.
Aka Jake Jagelski.

I love this man. He’s been there for my girl Peyton since the very beginning, he gave her companionship when there was noone else to get her back and he gave her a family. Circumstances have prevented him from staying with Peyton but even from Savannah, you can tell that this man will always love Peyton Sawyer, he loves her so much that he let her go to chase after the true love of her life, Lucas Scott.

I loved him in Prime, even though I didn’t think the movie was all that, and really I just love him period. I loved him even when he went to jail in Perfect Score. He’s just got that lovable factor about him, not to mention he’s uber freaking hot! So, let’s get on with the pictures.

Starting with my favorite picture of Jake, or ahem, Bryan…gosh isn’t he just yummy?

Oh gosh, and then when Jake sang to that song about Peyton, with Peyton watching on? Awwwww…..

There’s just something about a man who can play the guitar that makes him so spankable.

I really, really really like Bryan Greenberg!




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