The Fall 2006-2007 TV Schedule Is Up!

18 05 2006

I’ve been looking around for the fall schedule today to see if any of my tv shows got cancelled without telling me, and I’m happy to announce that…

Fan favorite Grey’s Anatomy will be moving to Thursdays on ABC and will be in the 9 o’clock slot, which means it won’t be going up against ER in the 10 o’clock slot…not a big deal to me as I’ll be home on Thursday nights anyway…it’s a school night, so woo hoo!!

On ABC, I’m happy to announce that What About Brian will be coming back this fall, in the 9 o’clock slot on Monday Nights…Jazz, we’ll get to see what happens with Adam/Marjorie/Brian and then the whole Deena/Dave thing, YAHOO!

The Bachelor is coming back in the 8 o’clock slot and it will be stationed in Rome, Italy…ooh la la, I can’t wait to see who the new Bachelor is, even though I doubt they’ll stay together, I was sorely disappointed in Travis and Sarah Tennessee, but whatever…I love this kind of stuff. Guilty pleasures, anyone? LOL.

Little change has been made to the FOX fall schedule, Prison Break will be back next season on Monday night’s at 8pm, so I’ll be channel hopping during this hour, only on PB commercial breaks but that’s all good…PB IS COMING BACK BABY! WOO HOO!

American Idol will be coming back for another season this coming January so all of you music fans, I have little hope of watching this show come next season after my upset last week when Chris was voted off of the show…I just don’t know if I can do it guys…LOL.

It appears that there is a new Television Network, called the CW which will combine the networks of the WB and UPN. I have never really been a fan of UPN Television but whatever, flitgirl over at Damned Scribbling Women will be pleased as punch to know that Veronica Mars will be coming back for another season next year on the CW network. It will be coming on Tuesdays after Gilmore Girls and ONE TREE HILL will be coming back as well, no more talk of cancelling one of the main reasons I watch TV, because OTH will be coming back on Wednesday nights next seasons…woo hoo!!

So, it appears that all of my favorite TV shows are accounted for, so I’m one happy camper! The O.C. is coming back next season, sans one of the main characters, as long as Seth Cohen is still on there, I don’t care who leaves…Seth Cohen IS that show. Love that guy. That 70s Show leaves us tonight, with an hour long series finale and I really can’t wait for that one…Foreman better be back for that one…dammit.

Are there any NEW shows that you guys are curious to watch? One that is coming to mind for me, is this new show on ABC, called 6 Degrees, I’m mighty curious to see how that show will fare, it seems pretty intriguing so maybe I’ll watch it…hehe. Another show that has caught my interest is Friday Night Lights, which is supposed to be like the movie, but a tv show…wonder how that one will turn out as well, alright all you TV Junkies out there, which shows are you most looking forward to for next season?

*note: the picture for this post has nothing to do with the fall schedule, it’s only significance is that both stars are from Grey’s Anatomy, but I just loved that picture and it’s my blog so I put it up there, deal with it.*



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